location of Groundwater

by kiara perry and Ty'resse harrell

location of groundwater

the groundwater is separated in to 2 parts.The upper zones called aeration.Father down, the water collects in area called the zone of saturation. In this zone, the spaces between the rock particles are filled with water.

water table

rainwater passes through the upper zone called zone of aeration and water collects in an area called zone of saturation.these two zones meet at a boundary known as the water table.The water table rises during wet seasons and falls during dry seasons.In dry regions,such as deserts,the water table may be hundreds of meters beneath the ground.


is influenced by the differences in sizes of the particles in the rock layer.a rock layer with particles of different sizes has a low percent-age of open space between particles and has a low porosity.a rock layer containing same-sized particles has a high porosity.