Neil Armstrong

Sergio and Isaiah Claim: Neil armstriong had a good carrer.

Texual Evidence

First Texual Evidence:

In paragraph four it says, "after college, Armstrong became a test pilot with a government agency. This agency later became NASA. Armstrong tested more than 200 kinds of aircraft for the agency. Then, in 1962, he became an astronaut for NASA" This tells me that in his carrer he tested a lot of pilots for NASA and became an astronaunt for this agency and this tells me that he hada good carrer as testing pilots and being an astrounaut for NASA.

Second Texual Evidence:

In paragraph five it says, "in 1968, after six years of experimental—and often dangerous—manned expeditions, Armstrong was offered the post of commander of Apollo 11. This was the spaceflight that would land the first humans on the moon." This tells me that after he tested pilot he went to the moon and was the first man to step on the moon this tells me he had a really good carrer.


First fact he was the first man to walk on the moon.

Second reason Armstrong earned his pilot licence at the age of 16.

Third fact was that he was the commander of Apollo 11.

Forth fact he said his famous words when he was on the moon.

He flew 78 missions as a fighter pilot for the Navy.