CC Week 23

Upcoming Events

April 11th Last day of CC

April 14th End of year showcase at 6:30 in our Vkids auditorium. Please invite your friends and family. Each family will have a couple of minutes to present awards to their children for their achievements this year. This can be academic or otherwise. The Essentials students will hold a living history museum and our Challenge students will also present some of their work. Each Foundations class will present a portion of the cycle 1 memory work.

April 18th End of year picnic celebration at The Children's Part at Lake Hefner. 11am-1pm. Bring a picnic lunch and plenty of drinks for your family. The kids can bring kites, scooters, balls, or anything they want.

April 18th Last day to proof for memory master with director.

April 29-30 CC will have a large presence at the OCHEC convention. Be sure to send prospective CC families to see us and chat. This is a wonderful time of equipping each year. You won't want to miss out! You can register here:

May CC testing will be provided at several locations. Find out more here:

June 13-15 OKC Practicum. You can register through this link. In case this event doesn't work with your schedule, there are a couple of other local opportunities.

Recap of Week 23

This week was amazing, as usual. Mrs. Teter did an outstanding job of leading the orchestra and composer study. I learned so much!

The continuation of our study of minerals and rocks was fascinating. I hope your kids are learning a lot.

Our final presentation topic is as follows:

Younger kids: Choose any topic you've learned in CC this year and tell something about it.

Older Kids: Choose any memory work you've learned this year and try to stump your class.

Remember to finish strong! Keep working hard. You're almost to the finish line.