By Michael Moreno

how many cars fold by year

the ford mustang was introduce in 1964 on the first day it was release more than 22,000 mustangs were sold in the first year. 418,810 mustangs were sold more than one million were on the road within the mustangs first two years.

price of a 2015 mustang

the price of a 2015 mustang 23,800 it is so expensive because it has voice control so you will not get your eyes off the road it reads you text messages so you want get your eye off the road and crash for texting and driving and the car will beep at you when you get on the line and will beep again if you are about to go in to a lane and there is a cars right next to you to you want crash In to the car
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how fast it goes

the average mustang can only go up too 155mph but if you have a 2015 one fully loaded mustang can go up to 200mph and the 2016 mustang it can reach up to 250mph.