The Adventures of 5th Grade

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Resourceful Reading

In reading we are learning about cause and affect. We are learning that without the cause there is no way for the affect to happen. We are also learning about the Plot Diagram it teaches us to really think about the stories that we read and how to write them.

- Eva Aufrance

Ps. There is a test on Tuesday.

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Wonderful Writing

This unit students will learn how to use the RACE response. RACE standing for:





This will help students with written response questions. It also could be used on tests. These tests including subjects such as Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies.

~Thank you for taking time to read this article. - Layton Vining

Little League Baseball Project

This year students will have the opportunity to do an exciting project focused around the "Little League Baseball World Series." Students learn about the different teams and the regions where they practice. Students then use the maps to identify the teams. This project will help your child learn about the states and the importance of citizenship, sportsmanship, and after school activities.

Check out the link of the official website below.

~By: Kinley Clifford

Social Studies Units of the Year

Unit 1-Geography

Unit 2-Native Peoples Of North America

Unit 3-The age of exploration

Unit 4-Colonial America

Unit 5- The American revolution

Unit 6-Founding the nation

Unit 7-West Ward expansion

Unit 8-Slavery and Emancipation

I had a great time writing this; I hope you had a great time reading it. This will help inform you about what your child will be learning about in Social Studies this year.

by: Kinley Clifford

Super Duper Science

During this unit, we have been working on our variables. A variable is something that can change the outcome of an experiment. There are three things we have tested our variables on so far: Pendulums, Life Boats, and Catapults. A pendulum is a weight suspended from an object so it can swing back and forth. A life boat is a boat that can hold multiple passengers. A catapult is used to launch a projectile into the air.

I hoped you liked this article. -John Oleary

Marvelous Math

This year in 6th grade math your child is working on ratios and how they are related. We are using multiplication to solve these problems. In 5th grade math your child is doing multiplication and division problems. They are finding out ways to solve these math problems. Heads up! Your child is having a homework project this week. In the home work problem to do a division problem, a story problem, and they have to have an answer for those problems.

Thank you for taking time to read this newsletter, I had so much fun writing it.

-by Brody German

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