multiplacation and division

word problems,definitions,key words,strategies,basic probs

word problems/strategies

lets start with a simple multiplication word problem than division so first

sally had 300 candy bars from halloween then here brother gave here 2 times as many candy bars as she had.How many candy bars does she have now.So now that we have are problem i will tell you some strategies to solve it the first strat is to draw a number line next draw a picture those are some strats for multiplication.Now onto division sally split here 900 bars between her and 2 friends (900 was answer to question 1). How many candy bars did each friend get?Some strats we can use for this is making this problem and drawing a number line.

key words/basic problems

lets start with key words for multiplaction Multiply,product,times,twice,total, and multiplied by are all key words now for division divide,quotient,goes into,split equally and each are key words some simple multiplication problems are 7*9 and 6*4 division is 2 / 4