inca art symbols

how do the inca use art symbols to represent things?

my citations (resources)

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one thing i learned about the art symbols

I have found one thing they represent. So when they make something that is highly decorative it symbolizes wealth and status. I found this information from an artilcle about inca textiles and I have seen their art before when I went to the back of a place that was part of the resort hotel we went to and it showed artwork in the hallways and I believe one of them was Inca artwork.

another thing 2

Some of the Inca empires best art forms were developed and yet perfected by other cultures.This has happened before the inca had conquered them. “ For example, in the Chimor kingdom of northern coastal Peru, metalwork was a key industry. Most of the metalworking skills of the Chimú (pronounced chee-MOO) culture originated in even earlier civilizations in the Lambayeque Valley. When the Incas conquered the Chimor kingdom, they took control of its crafts industry, bringing the best Chimú metalworkers to Cuzco to begin large-scale production of their crafts.” My evidence from article and what the article exzactly said about it

last thing3

Experts believe that their abilty to make beautiful art make come from artisans ‘’experts believe that large-scale production probably compromised the artisans' ability to achieve the intricate beauty that earlier Chimú pieces were known for. Unfortunately, there is not much evidence to prove or disprove this theory, because few Inca metalwork artifacts are still in existence. Gold, silver, and bronze artifacts were stolen and destroyed by the Spanish conquerors and later by local looters who sold the artifacts to illegal dealers in ancient Peruvian arts..’’the explain came directly from the website I had used and that’s what they said but it also said its just a theory and I also believe this may be true as well but I have no relation to this though

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sun god

this is a symbol of the sun god and my question was about how they use art symbols and this i think represents their religion
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this art symbol honors the sun god and this is another thing that goes with the sun god

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the last art symbol i have got for you

this is an art symbol that represents the three tiers of inca life

Which is yet another art symbol

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