Cars are for more than driving

What cars could do for you!

Where could cars take you?

From point A to point B. Cars drive people a lot farther by giving people important skills for life.

Something you can't get any where else.

To a true gear head a car is not a price tag or a way of transportation, it's like a member of the family. Behind every loved car there's a story. Through all the hours spent doing the work yourself and everything you and your car have made it through it develops a certain spot in your life. The car gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride that's hard to find some where else. It can also strengthen a father-son or family bond greatly, as the car is being fixed it is also fixing you.
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Work Hard Drive Harder

After the hard works be done, shine them up and drive them! After reading all of this it's obvious that Cars are for more than driving but don't get me wrong they're also meant for driving too!
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