Tech Tidbits

Pullman Elementary School 11-3-2013


Upcoming Tech PD will be in the form of a Google Hangout with Newport and Crestview this Friday (11-8). We look forward to getting to know our counterparts and discuss shared experiences while integrating iPads 1:1 at the elementary level. Another opportunity may take place that morning, as we attend our district Edcamp at Park HS. Although this Edcamp is not tech specific, I'm sure there'll be wonderful opportunities to expand on tech knowledge if you are interested!

The Nuts and Bolts--stuff to keep things running smoothly

  • We are moving closer to paid apps. Even though iOS7 is here, we are still not capable to retaining rights to apps...yet. For now it might be a good ideas to focus on apps that might carry forward with the kiddos (be used again at ongoing grade levels), since they will be unable to be pulled and reused at the same grade level.
  • I am nearly done backing up all grade levels to the cloud. Thank you for your patience. I hope this step will be worthwhile when we upgrade to iOS7 (no date for this yet--reflector is still not working quite right with the new operating system, and other concerns)
  • Grade 3-5-- I will be collecting Washington County Library registration forms and returning them to the Cottage Grove branch on Monday. At that time I will be speaking with my contact there (sounds very CIA) about setting up a time to come out and distribute cards and discuss the 3M Cloud App. Thanks for you help in making this happen!! I will keep you updated.

Spotlight on Non-Fiction Reading

This week I'd like to introduce you to a few web based tools that might be helpful as you work on non-fiction reading. These links have something to offer for all grades K-5, so please take a moment to take a peek!

Don't let the name fool you...Tween Tribune is a great non-fiction reading too for all grades (even primary). It allows you to adjust for the reading level of the student, so great articles can be read by all!! The articles are very engaging, and you're sure to find students going back on their own time to read more!! Although this is web based, kids can access through Safari and use it on their iPads. Several classes have already made buttons on their homescreen for this wonderful site.

This link to National Geographic Young Explorers shares previous issues that you can access via the web. The site offers teacher resources and also allows the articles to be read to the student. Please note: These issues do use flash, so this would not be iPad compatible. However, don't forget you can always grab one of the COWS. It would be a great way to set your students up with an amazing non-fiction read along resource!!

Wow, Wow, Wow!! This great site offers SO MUCH for the teacher... a must see!! At Readworks you can search for reading passages by Lexile, Grade Level, or skill. It also offers unit studies for Novels (upper grades), Skill Strategy, and Comprehension. There is so much to explore!