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*Don't forget the Health Fair on Saturday. It's a great opportunity to learn about some great benefits to CISD employees. You also get free samples at most of the booths along with a door prize. Make sure you wear or take your CISD badge. They will scan it and you will be entered for larger prizes. I believe we had an ipad winner on campus last year! Might be you this year!

*PLC time starts back up on Monday. The rotation schedule will be -

Monday - 1st grade

Tuesday - 2nd grade

Wednesday - 3rd grade

Thursday - 4th grade

Friday - Kindergarten

*Faculty Meeting is Monday. Please remember this might be a little longer than normal so please be prepared to stay until 5.

*Kara will be sending out the testing schedule for all those participating in GT testing or have students who are. Please watch for that. Due to testing, the library will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

*Thursday the computer tech guys will be here switching out the teacher computers. Make sure your teacher computer is ready to go with everything being saved to the U drive. When they come in, they will be in there for about 10 minutes making the switch. Since they are doing the entire campus in one day, really we have no control over when they make it to your classroom. I will ask that you just allow them access when they get to you. Also, once they have made the switch, please double check your computer BEFORE THE END OF THE DAY and make sure all connections are working appropriately, like to the grade level printer.

*Dr. Winkler will be here on Thursday morning. We will be walking classes. If we pop in, please keep teaching. She wants to see the greatness that is occurring.

*Sci://Tech is Saturday. If you signed up to help, please make sure and show up. Mr. Fatuch is getting it set up but will not be there all day so it is important that we have staff there. Once your shift is over, please make sure new staff members are there to relieve you before you leave. We cannot leave the students unattended.

*MAKE PLANS - With us taking February 17 off, we will be staying on Monday, February 10 for calibration testing. Please make plans to be here that afternoon to participate in the testing so that Kara does not have to offer a make up session. There will be 2 or 3 rooms where testing will take place so that everyone can test at the same time.


*Make sure you have your badge on at all times. If you see visitors in the hallway without badges on, please escort them to the front office to obtain a badge.

*Classroom doors must be locked at all times. If you need a magnet to prop it open, come see Tami.

*********We WILL be having a safety audit this year. Please check your room for things like plug ins or other extra plug in things, chords stretched too far across the room, excess "stuff" in your room (less is more), etc. We will be covering this in a future faculty meeting but go ahead and start working on it.


Going to do a January Team Huddle starting Tuesday. We will meet at 7:25 in your common hallway meeting area. Remember this is optional but gives you an opportunity to express your opinions to me. Questions are:

*What is something good that has happened this week/month/year?

*What is something that needs to be addressed from this week/month/year?

*What is something you'd like to recommend?


*Third - January 27

*Fourth - January 28

*Specials - January 30, First grade - after school at 3:35

*SPED - January 31

****If I'm not there, please call the front office! :)


*Becky Playfair and Kathie Gensbigler for organizing and getting Orbit to come. He was amazing!!!

*Kathie Gensbigler for helping with all of my projects! - Becky

*Tami Eldridge for bringing the Orbit program to ORE. It was GREAT! - Becky

*Felix Rodriguez and LaVerne Baugus for being flexible with your PE classes in order for us to have the Orbit program in the gym. - Becky

*Kim J, Rachael F, Hillary S, Rachel H, Missy G, Samantha H, Kim D, Angel G, and Maria H for allowing lots of campus coaches and principals to visit your classrooms on Friday!



*integration of technology

*implementation of guided math 3x a week

*improving Tier 1 best practices


Okay, it was mentioned to me that the link no longer worked. I've updated it so if you try it and it doesn't go to the "Suggestion Box," please let me know. Just a reminder that suggestions can be made anonymously if you don't want your identify known. If you have suggestions and/or concerns throughout the year, this is one place you will have to let administration know.



Unless a decision needs to be taken to Team Leader or Site Based, answers will be poster here weekly as needed.



25 - CISD Health Fair

27 - Macy Montalvo's birthday

27 - Faculty Meeting

28 - Tami out 2:30 - end of day

29 - Tami out for training


1 - Viri Valdez's birthday

1 - Elementary Sci://Tech

3 - Gretchen Montgomery here

3 - Team Leader Meeting

4 - Foundation Cohort training day

5 - Author Visit - see email from Maria

5 - Vanessa Kainer's birthday

6 - Kara out at AP training

11 - 4th and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

14 - Donuts with Dad - Valentine's Day parties

15 - Tami Eldridge's birthday

17 - School holiday/staff make up day

19 - Principals' Meeting

19 - SOURCE (Foundations) meeting

20 - Angel Gomez's birthday/PTO meeting at 6:30 p.m.

21 - Go Texan Day

22 - Susan Hoffman's birthday

24 - Gretchen Montgomery here

24 - Faculty Meeting

25 - 4th and 2nd switch specials for benchmark testing

28 - Felix Rodriguez's birthday

28 - Spring Fling Pictures

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