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Aidan Industries teams up with Plague Incorporated

We decided to use plague inc as a way to see the effects of certain symptoms in differing areas

Fever and sweating is actually more deadly in cold areas! Due to the loss in boldly fluid it rapidly cools allowing things like frostbite to occur.

The infection of mice to human takes a cool path, an infected mouse may be eaten by a predator such as a cat and that cat will bring the pathogen into the suburbs where it will adapt to humans.

Pulmonary necrosis is when the corpse of the vector is still a vector! Due to the ability to use dead cells as a fuel source. If this occurs around a grave it is very hard to get rid of.

In recent news the bubonic plague is not actually bubonic(lice) it is actually pneumonic(airborne)

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Who doesn't like to laugh, apparently this bacteria

So there IS a difference between Lysogenic and Lytic!

Lysogenic Stuff
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