Stallion Star Gazette

Second Edition December 2014

The History of Thanksgiving

by Emma

Thanksgiving like all other holidays has a story behind it. In this article you will learn about the well known holiday, Thanksgiving.The pilgrims were unhappy with the king’s ways,so they packed up and sailed away on the Mayflower.The pilgrims spent many horrible days and nights sailing on the Mayflower.Many people became deathly ill.Some even died.When they reached their destination they built their shelters right away.The winter was very harsh and even more pilgrims’ lives were taken.Then a miracle happened; Squanto and some other Native Americans helped the pilgrims.The Native Americans taught the pilgrims how to hunt,farm, and fish.The pilgrims were very thankful.Then to celebrate they all sat down for the great feast that we call Thanksgiving.That’s the story behind Thanksgiving.

(Plymouth Rock is pictured below.)

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The Mysterious Axe

by Hiya, Nathan, and Shweta

A mysterious axe was in the middle of the track at Patsy Sommer Elementary School.

The axe was covered in roots and dirt.

These people from Mr.Gray’s 2nd grade class found it in 2010-2011 : Camden, Alec, Hayden, and Cristian.

We interviewed some of the students who found the mystery axe. Here is what they said about the axe and finding it:

When all of them found the axe, they wanted to tell the principal about it. It was right by a tree in the center of the track and they said that they felt pretty surprised about discovering it. Alec told us that his sister had found the axe first, but she didn’t tell the principal about her find.

If you want to take a look at the axe, it’s in the the display case right outside the 1st grade hall.

Adventures in Candyland

by McKenna and Taylor

On Saturday, December 13th, you are invited to the Sommer PTA Candyland celebration, in the cafeteria and gym!

The things you can do during Candyland:

  1. You can watch the terrific choir sing Christmas songs.

  2. You will be able to compete in a gingerbread house making contest for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. Try your best to make the most creative gingerbread house ever!
  3. You will get candy from other parts of the world.
  4. Enjoy the awesome craft booths and pancake breakfast .
  5. Also enjoy the chocolatey hot chocolate with yummy creamy whipped cream,soft marshmallows,minty peppermints.
  6. Have a fun time at the amazing glamorous game booths.

Joe's Advice

by Gillian,Madeline, Nathan, and Toby

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Webbette the Hero--A Fiction Story

by Madeline

Reporters have been around the school late at night,and they recently spotted

a dark figure, wearing a mask and jumping out of the bushes. By the time the stranger knew the reporters had spotted him, he was gone.

The very next day,the very bush the figure had come out of rustled violently. A spy camera came out of the bush without anyone seeing it. Later that night, the reporters got lucky. The very same figure snuck out of the bushes and he was holding a chainsaw, cutting down the bushes everywhere and eventually digging a hole underground. The reporters followed him through the hole and found a hidden spy base underground with loads of toilet paper made out of french fries and chicken wrappers.

Then, reporters found an old case with an old crinkly newspaper.The newspaper had a “Before And After” column on the front.The “Before” had the picture of the same mysterious figure and the “After” revealed the face without the mask.The reporters knew at once who this person was.It was magician, Brute Emerda. They knew he had to be this figure. He would come here and turn everyone into marshmallows.

The next day,the reporters were right. He came to the school and in less than an hour, everyone was a marshmallow. Over the weeks, the school became the school of marshmallows. Candy canes hanging from the ceiling were the only non-marshmallow things. They devoured the french fry and chicken wrapper toilet paper.The place was deserted.

During the following years, the school got darker until someone decided to do something about it. That person was a mutated spider girl named Webbette. She had six arms,six red eyes, and a whole lot of strong spider webbing. Besides all that, she had the one thing that could save the school from disaster - the magic orb of life. She and her pet fly, Bugger, turned the marshmallows back to people and brought the school back to life again.

What do you do to celebrate the Winter Holidays?

by McKenna and Taylor

Ms.Martha: Thanksgiving, Christmas, spend time with family, Mother’s Day.

Mrs.Cassidy: Christmas, get together as a family and eat, go to church,decorate Christmas tree, watch football, play football.

Mrs.Morgan: I read a lot, fly to Minnesota to see my niece and nephew, sleeping in, tree decorated.

Mrs.Rodriguez: visit grandparents in South Texas, Christmas, Thanksgiving, relaxing, sleeping in.

Mrs.Jenkins: go home and see family,Christmas tree, eat food, Thanksgiving, star on top of tree, relax, work finally done, go up North to see and be with family.

Happy holidays to you from the Newspaper Club!

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Patsy Sommer Elementary School