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News and Information for our RCS families . . . . . . 1/8/15


Pre-K isn't just fun and games, although when we play our new game of Operation we are really practicing our fine motor skills. And when we play board games, we practice counting and recognizing our numbers. In ELA, our Skills time is often in the form of a silly game, like when we find out how many words are in a sentence by jumping and counting after each word. We have also been grouping rhyming pictures together, which is another fun game.

Maybe Pre-K is a fun-and-games kind of place, after all!

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Fourth Grade

The 4th graders have become experts in a specific trade from Colonial America! Our class is full of carpenters, shoemakers, printers, coopers, and blacksmiths. They worked on creating a poster with all of the information they have gathered about their trade. Then, they each had to present their poster to a small group. Finally, they created a colonial trade web to show the importance of interdependence in colonial times!

Reading Buddies

First grade after school program is very grateful for our new reading buddy program! Every day, sixth grade reading buddies visit our classroom during snack time to read with a first grader. The sixth graders are wonderful "mini teachers" to our scholars. Reading buddies help guide the students with reading strategies, and even track their words per minute with a timer. Both the sixth graders and first graders look forward to this time each day!


Grades 4-6 have been working very hard during Health (Michigan Model). All three grade levels have completed the social & emotional unit which included topics such as having self-control, making WISE decisions, resolving conflicts and discovering how to address bullying situations. They are now working their way through the nutritional unit where they are learning about the food groups, appropriate serving sizes, and how advertising can be misleading when it comes to food. Our next units will be on safety and drugs. The safety unit will include topics such as fire prevention, home safety, dangerous objects and internet safety. The drug unit will focus on the dangers of second hand smoke, influences that family and friends have on us and how to say “NO” to drugs.

Don’t forget to check your child’s backpack for the family resource sheets that they receive in class. This information could be a very beneficial way to start a conversation with your child about important health related topics. It could also be a chance for you to hear some of their thoughts and opinions on topics they may not usually talk with you about on their own.

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Library Scholars

The second grade library scholars have been learning the ins and outs of locating books throughout the library. They have learned that the numerous ways the books are categorized can vary depending on the genre of the book. This last week they participated in an “All Around the Library Scavenger Hunt.” They were given six tasks that had them busy locating various books around the room based on genre, call number, and author’s last name. They have been busy working on the following "I can" statements during their library time (all while respecting the library rules and materials) :

1. I can locate books in different sections of the library.

2. I can understand that knowing the title, author, and keywords will help me locate books in the library.


Remember those 5 important steps of handwashing!

1. Wet your hands with warm water.

2. Soap it up! Use warm water and soap.

3. Scrub up! Be sure to get between your fingers, on the backs of your hands, up to your wrist and under your fingernails.

4. Rinse off!

5. Towel dry! (Turn off the water with that paper towel you just used.)


Saturday, January 9 - 24th Ripley Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Monday, January 18 ~ NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Building closed)

Friday, February 12 ~ NO SCHOOL - Staff In-service Day

Monday, February 15 ~ NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day (Building closed)

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Read Across America Day!