Reading Stations


1. I ready

Complete 40 minutes of I READY and email me the lessons you passed and completed.

2. QR Code

Find the QR Code to complete the Perspective Slides. You will Need to MAKE A COPY!!!! and then save it under your name. Share with me when you have completed the task cards.

3. Non Fiction Book Talk

You will need to take your nonfiction book and create a book talk on your nonfiction book. You have 2 choices: 1) you can create a keynote with a voice over (like we did last week) 2) you can use educreations (like we learned yesterday) to create your book talk.

In your talk you need to point out 1) captions 2) table of contents 3) time line 4) cut outs 5) maps 6) any thing else that you want to point out about the non fiction book.

4. Read to Self

Read any book of your choosing. You can read your library book or use raz kids.

5. Wordly Wise Play any games to from lesson 1-12.

6. Study Island

Finish study island lessons.