- Mikkel Kallestrup Thomsen

three things you should know about me

1 - I play a lot of music. Every Tuesday and Thursday I play and write music with three of my friends. I play guitar in our band. Our music means a lot to me, and it is the some most joyful time I have.

2 - I love Listening to music. It's something I do often. when I am alone and also when I am around my friends. It is a very easy way to become relaxed, especially after a long day in school.

3 - I am also a spiritual person, that would my closest friend probably say. It's important for me to meditate and keep a calm state of mind. I feel an almost abundant energy because of the calmness you can retain from meditating.

Two places i would like to visit.

1: The Great Giza pyramids. (The kings Chamber)
In the kings Chamber in a pyramid you can obtain total silence under meditation 2-3 times faster than normal because of your location inside the pyramid.

2: The Amazon rainforest.
It's one of my biggest wishes to visit the Amazon. The rainforest is so full of life. So many different species and plants. It would be a very special experience.

My dream job

My dream job is to become a professional musician. To live of the money I would earn playing gigs and selling CD's. It is also one of the only things I can see my self doing the rest of my life.

Three i would like to do before i die

1. Ascension.
As a human many spiritual teachers and masters will teach you that the ultimate goal in life is ascension. It is what Buddha became. An ascended master.

2. Play a gig on Orange Stage, Roskilde Festival.

3. Buy all the guitars and guitar equipment I want