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Tech PD

Thursday Afternoon - 3:15pm
Come along for an afternoon of magic! :) Find out how you can project your iPad screen onto your IWB without and cords! A great way to demonstrate how to use an app to the whole class.
This week I will also demonstrate a new site called For All Rubrics which allows you to create your own rubrics but also import your students so you can mark the rubrics online and have all results stored in an online markbook. You can save and print out the blank and marked rubrics if you'd also like a hard copy. The site also allows provides you with a class analysis for each task to see what criteria your students did well in overall and areas for improvement.

Science Sites

Science Web

15 units of work written by experienced teachers to align with the Australian Curriculum. Each unit consists of an overview, five lesson plans, and additional links and resources, all of which are freely available online.

Murder Under the Microscope

Without funding this year the program is not running in its usual form. Instead you can access some mini investigations for free at your own pace. Great research tasks for Stage 3.

ABC Splash Science

Watch, Listen and Play. Stacks of videos for all ages. Each video comes with a series of questions and/or activities to do before, during and after watching the video.
K-3 -
4 -6 -

NASA Science

Constantly updated this site contains fabulous articles and resources to support your Science units.
Additionally there's the NASA Wavelength site containing educator resources.

Kid Spot Science

KidSpot Science Experiments are fun and easy to do experiments using materials found in your kitchen. Most experiments include a video as well as detailed instructions and an explanation of how/why. Link provided by Nathan MacGregor.

The Surfing Scientist

Lesson plans, video demonstrations and explanations and problem solving activities. A fantastic site!


Some fun and interesting experiements here. Choose from making things that make a noise, trick your friends, explode or are spooky.

Science Kids

This site invites students to learn more about the amazing world of science by enjoying their fun science experiments, cool facts, online games, free activities, ideas, lesson plans, photos, quizzes, videos & science fair projects. A massive bank of resources here.

National Geographic for Kids

Science experiements and weird but cool facts to do with Science.

Primary Connections

Although this is a commercial site selling their units of work they also have some free resources to assist in building background knowledge on the topics as well as animations and images to support the units. Thanks to Vivian Harris for this find.

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