Should students wear school uniform

Students should wear school uniforms

Miya Borges Per.0-1 3/23/15


School informs make getting ready easier


I think students should wear school uniforms because school uniforms make getting ready easier.Parents sometimes have hard times trying to get there little kids ready in the morning like by trying to pick out what there going to wear and sometimes little kids don't like what there parents pick out so they bicker back and forth,but by wearing school uniforms it makes it way easier for the parent and for the kids to pick out what there going to wear,so there's no bickering.Did you know that school uniforms eliminate wardrobe battles with kids to 94% isn't that something.Let me give you another reason some parents in the world get tired of sorting kids laundry folding them is enough ,so they let there kids sort it out,but then the parents find the kids clothes turning different colors so they have to sort it out them self again.But with school uniforms you may never have to sort your kids clothes again because of all the standard colors it's easier for the kids to sort them all out. Another reason on why students should wear school uniforms is because School uniforms reduce the number of students begin late for school by 93% which gets students a better attendance grade.That's why I think that school uniforms should be wore in schools.