Photographer, Painter, Filmmaker (1890-1976)

Man Ray's Major accomplishment

Ray is most known for his artwork such as, The Gift (1921), Violin d'Ingres (1924), L'Etoile de Mer (1928), and Observatory Time (1936). He also wrote his memoir called, Self Portrait (1965).

Life in France

  • Moved to Paris, France in 1921.
  • Became a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine.
  • Discovered a new way to develop interesting photos in the darkroom called "Rayographs"
  • He also made a short film called L'Etoile de Mer.
  • Ray fled back to California due to WW2. He later returned back to Paris in 1951.
  • He mostly concentrated on painting and sculpting in his later years.


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