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5th Grade Bite

Success! Mrs. Rembert's 5th grade media class just finished the most amazing 4 week unit! Mrs. Skinner's class is currently working on a modified version due to time constraints. We read the book Sit In: How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney, and had an in depth discussion of how to apply this historic event to the events occurring in today's society. During our second week, we pulled the book apart, page by page, to paraphrase it by putting it in our own words. Each student was then paired with a partner who had paraphrased the same page. They combined their paraphrased sentences to create a Two-Voice Poem. After editing and revising and rehearsing, we had a performance as we "reread" the book in our own words through poetry. It was amazing! All of the students were able to participate, including students who did not speak English as their first language. They really learned a lot about how to be part of a team performance, how important rehearsals are, how to project your voice, and how to respect each other. By integrating K-12 theater standards with research skills, writing skills, and social studies content, we really worked hard!

4th Grade Bite

SYNTHESIS! Fourth graders in Ms. Menton's media class had the opportunity to use GoAnimate to create videos. After researching a Natural Disaster and determing what supplies to put in a Ready Kit to be prepared for an emergency, the students used their facts to make informational videos. These videos needed to include what supplies in the ready kit would be most important in relation to the specific disaster they researched. The videos were spot on and the students really enjoyed getting creative and making intentional artistic decisions. Students in Ms. Lardner's and Mrs. Fleck's class are making ready kits to take home including the same information. Want to know more about GoAnimate? Just ask!
Student Video

3rd Grade Bite

Third Graders are busy learning about the Author's Craft and Illustrator's Craft through an in-depth study of Chris Van Allsburg. During this unit, the students are able to understand how the words plus the illustrations plus prior knowledge equals understanding. While we are also taking about inferences, we are appreciating Mr. Van Allsburg's ability to make us question what we see. We are also exploring the mystery genre and learning new search strategies while using an online database. Sadly, I was not able to take a picture of the students' faces when they have that "moment" of understanding and realization at the end of each of the books we are reading. It is quite amazing that there is not a sound in the room at the end of the story. Their mouths are open, their eyes are open, and sound. I know, right?
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2nd Grade Bite

We have been working on Non Fiction Text Features through informational print resources and online database resources. We have concentrated on differentiating between fact and fiction print resources and how to get information out of the resource. We also used PebbleGo to understand the differences in text features. We studied parts of the spider and then made diagrams on paper and within an app called NearPod. Want to know more about NearPod? Just ask!
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1st Grade Bite

Owl Research is in full swing! We are learning about non fiction text features. We labeled a diagram of owl parts and located information from a chart about our owls. We will put it all together when we design a habitat for the owl we researched.

Kindergarten Bite

We are busy learning about Nursery Rhymes and the Super 3 Research Process. This process teaches us how to solve an information problem. This week, our problem was helping Little Bo Peep find her lost sheep. We were very successful! Little Bo Peep has more than enough sheep to keep her happy until next year!
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Pre K Bite

We have really enjoyed designing and building homes for our lost creatures and then understanding that families are all different. Next, we will design and build a community by adding businesses and transportation in our world.