Associate Contribution

Plan the rest of your 2014 contribution...

ATP Leadership Message

The Associate Leadership Team are highly committed to providing transparency of contribution opportunities. Thus in response to the feedback received from Associates, this communication offers:

1) Transparency of contribution opportunities - a contribution portfolio has been formulated which provides a broad view of what's out there. Please note that it is NOT a centrally governed repository of all opportunities and you should still proactively seek opportunities.

2) A view of what constitutes as high value contribution - this is to maximise your contribution rating. Simply volunteering for a wide range of activities is not enough.

Contribution Portfolio

After reviewing all opportunities, please list your name on the contribution portfolio to volunteer for an activity in which you believe you can make a significant impact.

The portfolio will be refreshed on a quarterly basis to reflect the latest opportunities. If you have an opportunity that you would like to put forward, please get in touch with Zaki Ahmed.


The Associate Leadership Team would like to highlight the importance of focusing your contribution on:

a) What you enjoy
b) What is achievable
c) What aligns with Capco UK’s strategy

d) 1 or 2 initiatives, with evidence of significant impact

The Associate contribution matrix can help further define what good contribution should mean to you, found here.

Please note, the competency and contribution framework is unchanged from 2013.

Case Studies

a) 2013 Social Media Recruitment – received an impressive 50,000 hits on facebook within 2 weeks, leading to high calibre recruits and a substantial increase in brand awareness

b) Stonewall Application – part of an ongoing campaign to implement best practices to promote inclusion and equality. Associates are leading Capco's submission of the Stonewall Work Place Index, which is a gay, lesbian and bisexual charity focusing on promoting inclusion and equality.


Once again, you are advised to visit here to get a view of some of the activities you can get involved with. In addition to this, you are strongly encouraged to be proactive and pursue other networks, speaking to your project manager, coach, buddy and colleagues.

There are plans to introduce a contribution feature on CiT, so watch this space!


The Associate Leadership Team will reach out to you shortly with details of an open forum for your queries.

For further guidance on how contribution works please speak to your coach or Amy Solomon from HC.