Saolas By Kimberly Oey

2nd December 2015

The Saolas Appearence.

Saolas are from the antelope family. They have the colour black, white, red and brown for their fur. Saolas camouflage into trees. A saola can grow up to 80kg -100kg in mass and 150cm – 200cm in length. The saola has smooth horns that can grow up to 50cm long that can split a small tree or sapling by wedging the saolas horns around it and turning the saola’s head. They also have thick skin it helps not to get cuts easily.


Critally Endangered.

Now that you know about the saola and how amazing it is thed sad truth is that it is critically endangered which comes down to the number there is left which is 1 and that 1 is going to get extinct, the reason of this would be us humans cutting down trees for malls, houses and buildings. We are building into their habitats leaving them in our side of buildings and they do not know where to go and what do.

Now I finish with an interesting fact, thank you for reading.

Did you know that saolas can be called in six different names including Saola which is the ost used, the Asian unicorn, the pseudoryx nghetinhesis, Vu Quang ox, Asian Bio Cowl and Vu Quang Bovid.

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