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Our awesome gift ideas

Shopping in November has NEVER been easier! Relax. Kick up your feet. Shop. Sound good? :) Grab your list, check it twice, and check out the gift ideas below! We have something special for teachers, coaches, moms, dads, teens, family, and friends! Stress free shopping at your fingertips! Oh...Don't forget those last minute gifts to keep on hand in case you need something for a hostess, neighbor, etc!

Be sure to look at the "PERKS ORDERING Guidelines" section to ensure you get free shipping!

Preferred Customers enjoy 10% OFF these Gift Giving Ideas

For Teachers, Friends, Neighbors & Coaches

▪ Foaming Sunless Tan $24
▪ Body Microdermabrasion Bar $30
▪ Mineral Peptide SPF 20 w/Brush $59
▪ Lip Microdermabrasion $17
▪ Redefine Eye Cloths w/Peptides $30
▪ Microdermabrasion Paste $78
▪ Redefine Hand Treatment $67
▪ Redefine Lip Serum $54
▪ Lip Shield SPF 25 - 2/pk $16
▪ Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen $24

Stocking Stuffers

▪ Lip Microdermabrasion $17
▪ Redefine Eye Cloths w/Peptides $30
▪ Lip Shield SPF 25 - 2/pk $16
▪ Body Microdermabrasion Bar $30
▪ Foaming Sunless Tan $24
▪ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen $24
▪ Mineral Peptide Powder SPF 20 $29
▪ Brightening Hand Treatment $32

For Mom/Wife

▪ Redefine Regimen $193
▪ Reverse Regimen $179
▪ Macro Exfoliator $279
▪ AMP MD Roller System $200
▪ Multifunction Eye Cream $60
▪ Eye Cloths w/Peptides $30
▪ Night Renewing Serum $90
▪ Hand Treatment Regimen $67
▪ Lip Renewing Serum $54

For Teens

▪ Unblemish Regimen $171
▪ Body Microdermabrasion Bar $30
▪ Lip Shield SPF 25 - 2/pk $16

For Dad/Husband

▪ Soothe Regimen $160
▪ Microdermabrasion Paste $78
▪ Body Microdermabrasion Bar $30
▪ Lip Shield SPF 25 - 2/pk $16

For Yourself - Glow during the Holidays!

▪ Regimen of Choice $160-$193
▪ Microdermabrasion Paste $78
▪ Multifunction Eye Cream - $60
▪ Eye Cloths w/Peptides - $30
▪ AMP MD Roller System - $200
▪ Macro Exfoliator - $279


Select a regimen of choice and bundle it with either our award-winning AMP MD System or Macro Exfoliator and receive a FREE eye cream (to use for yourself or to gift someone). How's that for holiday cheer?


To qualify for free shipping and 10% off, you must enroll as a PC perks customer. PC perks enrollment is free until the end of November! If you need assistance with selecting the perfect gift, I have holiday shopping appointments available in November (via phone) to help you knock out part (or all) of your holiday shopping list!

Two ordering options:
1. Create an account at and edit your cart with the appropriate gift items.

2. Call/text me to set up a quick Holiday Shopping phone appointment and I will manage your ordering for you! Then, I'll send you an email confirming everything and's done!

Remember, Rodan + Fields offers a 60-day empty bottle guarantee with all of the products for a full refund.

Thank you so very much for your continued support, I am thankful for YOU!

Cheers to a glowing holiday season!