Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

May 6th, 2016

Important Dates

Fermilab Field Trip

Friday, May 13th

PTA Fun Run (During PE 12:40-1:10)

Tuesday, May 17th

Next Spelling Test

Thursday, May 19th (2 weeks for these words)

Battle of the Books

Friday, May 20th

Six Flags and Ozzie

Six Flags and Ozzie tickets went home today in students' folders. Please check your child's folder if they earned the Six Flags reward this year.

Fermilab Field Trip

Our class will be attending the Fermilab field trip on Friday. Students need to bring a lunch in a disposable bag as well as a drink. Fermilab also requests that everyone attending the field trip wear closed-toed shoes. We are really looking forward to our field trip!

10 Battle of the Books Read

Google Expeditions

We are still in need of a few volunteers for Battle of the Books

The fourth grade is still in need to volunteers for Battle of the Books. The students have been working really hard so they are ready for the different games. On May 20th from 8:20-12:00 we need one adult for each team to guide the teams from each different location. The teams are made up with students from different homerooms. As the volunteers notify us they can help, we place that volunteer on a team. If that parents child's team needs a volunteer the parent is placed with that team. If another parent has volunteered for that team we then place that volunteer with a different team. So it is first come first served.

The students enjoy this activity and the only way it can work is if we have volunteers to make the day run smoothly.

Please let me know if you can help out on the 20th. A bonus is when you are done a volunteer lunch will be served.


This week we worked on turning fractions into decimals and percents. We really focused on finding an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 100, because percents are out of 100. We also used the calculator to turn fractions into decimals and percents.


We read a story called Antarctic Journal, which was a series of journal entries. We learned all about another part of the world that we didn't know much about. On Wednesday, we traveled to Antarctica during our Google Expedition! We worked on main idea and detail as well. Students also started brainstorming ideas for a free verse poem about a quiet place.


The class got started designing and building their solar cookers. Our end result will be to cook a marshmallow using our cookers to make S'mores. The class is showing a lot of teamwork and problem solving throughout the process.