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October 2022

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Contact Information:

Principal: G. Hilton

Vice Principal: R. Coelho

Secretary: K. Romani

Superintendent of Mississauga South Schools: S. Gos (905) 890-1221

Trustee: S. Hobin (905-301-1210) Twitter: @Trusteehobin

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Virtue for October: Empathy

Each month we celebrate a virtue. The Virtue for October is Empathy.

Judge your neighbor’s feelings by your own, and in every matter be thoughtful. (Sir. 31:15)

Elementary: God wants us to care about everyone's feelings.

From the perspective of the Catholic Graduate Expectations, an empathetic person...

  • Is confident in the dignity of selves and others
  • Believes that the cross is the ultimate sign of forgiveness
  • Seeks and grants permission

Our Daily Prayer for October:

Let us now pray for the grace and strength to be people of empathy

People who can really identify with

and feel the concerns of those around us.


Upcoming Events

October: ADHD Awareness Month

October 5: World Teachers Day!

October 7: Terry Fox Walk

October 10: Thanksgiving Monday ~ Schools are closed

October 12: Junior Girls Volleyball pod games at St. Catherine of Siena School

October 13: Junior Boys Volleyball pod games at St. Christopher School

October 17: International Eradication of Poverty

October 18: IEPs sent home

October 18: Family of Schools Cross County Meet @ Erindale Park

October 19 - Bus Driver Appreciation Day

October 20: Rosary Apostolate Visit

October 20: Junior Volleyball Tournament @ St. Martins School

October 24: PA Day ~ No school for students

October 26: Photo Re-take Day

October 27: Dress Purple Day ~ a reminder of the role we play to keep children safe.

October 31: Happy Halloween to those who celebrate

DPCDSB Upcoming Events

Terry Fox Walk - Friday, Oct. 7

This year marks the 42nd Anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope! As is our tradition here at St. Christopher, the Storm Community will be taking part in this important fundraising event on Friday, October 7th, 2022.

We are ready to once again help keep Terry’s dream alive by spreading awareness and raising money to support cancer research!

We will begin our afternoon with an online school-wide assembly before heading out with our walking buddies. Primary and junior classes will pair up with older students for the walk.

We invite all students to wear RED & WHITE this day to show our support for our Canadian hero! Please also ensure students dress appropriately for the weather. Our plan is that students will be taking part in this walk shortly after the lunch hour.

Please be sure to visit our St. Christopher School fundraising page by using the link below! All donations can be made directly on the Terry Fox Foundation’s website!

As always, we have our fundraising goals we are working towards…

$500- Hat Day

$1000- Jersey Day

$2500- “No Homework” Day

$4500- PJ & Movie Day (TBD by classroom teachers)

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in helping to keep Terry’s dream of finding a cure for cancer alive!

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Pizza Days Are Back!

For anyone wanting to purchase Pizza for their child(ren), St. Christopher school is offering pizza on Thursdays through Gino's Pizza. Orders can be placed using Families wishing to place their orders in advance can now do so until December 22, 2022.

2022 Teaching Excellence in STEM Education Recipient

St. Christopher school is proud to share that our very own, Mrs. McMenemy was recently awarded the Canadian Prime Minister Certificate of Achievement for 2022 Teaching Excellence in STEM Education. We are proud to have her, as we are with all our Storm Staff Superstars! Thank you Mrs. McMenemy for sharing your gifts and talents, so readily, with all our students at St. Christopher. Congratulations!
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School Volunteers:

Just a reminder that if you are interested in volunteering within the school in any capacity, including field trips, student support, Catholic School Council member, etc., a Valid Criminal Reference Check (CRC), with Vulnerable Sector and Local Records Check is required. Due to COVID closures and not having volunteers in the schools for multiple years, many of our filed CRC and CRC Annual Declarations have lapsed. Therefore, we would like to begin now for any possible volunteer opportunities that may arise this year. Please note that there may be some time required to process a CRC, thus waiting for an announced volunteer opportunity to obtain your CRC may not provide sufficient time for processing. Therefore, we are asking all parents that if you feel that you may be interested in volunteering in any capacity in the school this year, it may be best to start the process now.

We have also attached a copy of the volunteer letter that you will need to provide to the Peel Regional Police to begin the process. See below.

Thank you for all your ongoing support and we look forward to having many volunteer opportunities in the school this year.

Cross Country

Our Cross Country training has begun. Thank you to Mrs. Bertolo, Mrs. Dell'Orso, Mrs. Cardoso and Mrs. Dufton for supporting our students and sharing in our excitement, of having our students return to extracurricular activities this Fall. We wish our St. Christopher Storm Cross Country Team the best of luck at the Mississauga South, Family of Schools Meet on October 18th at Erindale Park. A friendly reminder to parents/guardians that wish to attend, must also have a valid Criminal Reference Check filed with the school.

Chess Club

Students who are interested in joining the St. Christopher Chess Club are asked to come with some knowledge and experience prior to joining our club. Thanksgiving weekend may be a great time to sharpen those skills and learn to play at home. There are a number of web-based videos and resources for parents to access, where instructions can also be downloaded.

More information will follow with details of how students can join.

Special Thanks to Mme Alcasid for running the Chess Club once again here at St. Christopher school.

REMINDER: Direction of School Support

Catholic ratepayers must declare themselves to be Catholic and an English Separate (Catholic) School Supporter on their municipal property tax designation to cast a vote for Catholic school trustees in the municipal election on October 24, 2022.

How do I find out if I'm registered as an English Catholic School supporter?

  • Check the assessment section of your Tax Bill or Property Assessment Notice
  • Check your Voter Information Card
  • Visit to check the accuracy of your direction of school support
  • Contact the DPCDSB Admissions Department at 905-890-0708 ext. 24512 or

To register as an English Separate (Catholic) School Supporter or change your school support designation:

For more information, visit the DPCDSB Direction of School Support webpage.

From Your Catholic School Trustee Sharon Hobin-October 2022

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October Medical Reminders:

Pediculosis: Head Lice

At different times throughout the year, especially in the winter when students are wearing hats and hoodies, schools experience an increase in the number of cases of head lice. In an effort to be proactive, we ask that your child’s hair be checked periodically to ensure that they do not have head lice. Should you discover the presence of lice or nits, we would appreciate being informed. Helpful information can also be obtained from a pharmacist or the local Public Health Department. Click Here for Peel Health Information Pediculosis (head lice) is spread only by direct contact with a `case', often through the sharing of combs and brushes, exchanging of hats, etc. Please help us instruct students regarding prevention.

Changes to Awareness & Prevention for Concussion Protocols

There has been a change to our Awareness and Prevention for Concussion protocol. Parents are asked to review the government of Ontario concussion awareness resources and complete an attestation prior to student participating in any school sports team activities. Please review the attached document and links to the resources that must be reviewed for the attestation.

There is a new form GF088A that must be completed for all sports team activities. This form entails parents and students to review the resources.

GF088A Attestation HERE


Daily SELF-COVID Screening Procedures

It is recommended that staff, students and visitors continue to complete the Provincial COVID Screening Tool before attending school.

Please see our attached "Community Bulletin" for more detailed Back to School Updates and reminders with respect to Heath & Safety Protocols.

Attendance Verification

It is important for students to be at school on time and ready to work. When students are late they miss important information and routines. We realize that throughout the year there will be times that your child will be away from school.

SafeArrival is an application within SchoolMessenger that will allow parents/guardians to report their children’s absences in one of the following three ways:

What is SafeArrival:

  • SafeArrival is an absence management system that improves student safety.
  • It supports school staff to follow up on unexcused absences.
  • It allows parents and/or guardians to notify the school in advance about an upcoming absence.


  • Better Attendance Management for Enhanced Student Safety
  • Faster and Easier Attendance Management
  • Simplified Parent Reporting Tools
  • Accessible, Convenient and Secure
  • Automated Key Tasks With SafeArrival Administrative Tools

In the event that your child is late or absent, please use one of the three ways to access Safe Arrival.

Students who arrive late to school must proceed to the office to get a late slip.

ErinOaks Occupational Therapist Visits

Please see the attached Occupational Therapist (OT) letter on behalf of ErinOak Kids.

Child Safety

The Child and Family Services Act compels educators to report any issues that may compromise a child's welfare. If a staff member suspects any issue that may affect a child's safety, then Children's Aid Society (CAS) must be contacted. It is our Legal Obligation as employees of the school to report any suspicions directly to the Children’s Aid Society. It is not the role of educators to investigate. That is CAS' role. CAS, not the school, informs parents directly of the issue.

Dress Purple Day: October 27th

Fire Drills and Lockdown Practice

During the school year we will be rehearsing and will continue to rehearse with students a number of emergency response situations including lock down and fire drills. All schools are required by Board policy to practice these procedures throughout the year. We have these ‘practice drills’ for precautionary purposes only so that in the event of an actual emergency, students will be prepared to respond in a safe and responsible manner. We will also be practicing a Lock Down Drill. During this drill, the outer doors will be locked and the office will be unavailable during the time of the drill. No one will be allowed to enter or exit during the drill while the emergency protocol is being followed. The day will continue as normal following the drill. Thank you for your patience.

Parish Information

St. Christopher Parish

1171 Clarkson Road N

Mississauga, ON L5J 2W1

Phone: (905) 822-1171

Pastor: Fr. Joseph Rodrigues

School Hours

​Our School Hours:

School Starts at 8:15 am

Morning Recess: 9:38 - 9:53 am

Lunch: 11:16 am - 12:16 pm

Afternoon Recess: 1:39 - 1:54 pm

Dismissal: 2:45 pm

Please note: We will continue with "soft entry" in the morning, students may enter the building using their designated doors beginning at 8:00am. School starts at 8:15am.

A reminder that we no longer have staggered dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 2:45. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we return to previous dismissal time.

Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council

The School Advisory Council is comprised of parents, a school faculty member, a non-teaching representative, as well as an appointed parish community representative. The aim of the council is to support school activities and students through involvement and fundraising. We are always looking for new parents to join our School Council! If your child is participating in online learning you are still part of our St. Christopher community and therefore you are welcome to attend council meetings and participate in council elections.

Please join us for our next council meeting on Wednesday, October 19th at 6:30 p.m. in our school library.

Courtesy Seating ~ STOPR Transportation

We are now in the process of reviewing our courtesy seating requests. We have submitted them to STOPR and will begin granting access shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. The school will be in contact with families to facilitate these requests and to notify families of the status of their requests.

In the meantime, later this week students who are currently eligible for busing will be taking home an "Opt-Out" letter from the school, on yellow paper. If your child is currently eligible for transportation but does not require it and wishes to "opt-out" kindly do so by completing and returning the bottom portion of the form with your child to school.

You may also contact the Transportation Department via the following contact numbers: Transportation: 905-890-6000 Special Education Transportation: 905-890- 6362. To determine if your son or daughter is eligible for transportation. You can also receive up-to-date information by following STOPR on Twitter @STOPRinfo

STOPR website:

To receive updates on whether your child’s bus is running late, please subscribe to STOPR. Access your account HERE

Bus Safety

Bus safety

If your child rides the bus daily, it is important that they are aware of the safety rules on the bus. Students are required to:

  • Listen to the Bus Driver at all times and report any problems or injuries to him/her
  • Go directly to their assigned seat and remain seated during the entire bus ride
  • Do not eat, drink, swear, fight or chew gum on the bus
  • Do not put arms out the window, or throw items or garbage out the window
  • If any damage to the seat of bus is caused, students will be held responsible
  • Be at least 5 minutes early at your bus stop to ensure that you don't miss the bus

Improper conduct on the bus will be dealt with at the Office. Repeated or serious incidents can result in busing privileges being suspended or removed. Please review these rules with your child. Taking the bus is a privilege, not a right.

Kiss and Ride Reminders

Thank you very much to the many parents who safely use the parking lot and the Kiss’n’Ride drop-off and pick-up area! The patience and courtesy demonstrated by our community goes a long way in maintaining a safe environment for all!

A few reminders to help ensure a safe parking lot:

1) Please do not reverse your vehicle while in the Kiss and Ride zone. Children may be crossing behind you using the crosswalk. Be patient.

2) Drive slowly through the Kiss and Ride. We do try to give preference to the buses when leaving in order for them to maintain their morning schedules so please wait at the cross walk until you are directed to cross.

3) Students are reminded not to bounce sporting equipment such as basketballs while walking through the cross walk. Students need reminders that if a ball falls from their grasp, not to chase after it. An adult can help them retrieve it.

4) There is a bike path for students coming in on their bikes, on the south side of the church. Please use this path, and WALK your bike to the bike rack area, as the path is shared with walking pedestrians.

5)Parents and students are strongly encouraged to use the cross-walk instead of crossing in front of the kiss and ride.

6)The parking spaces adjacent to the church, near the cross walk, will be off limits to vehicles for parking. The crosswalk area can become crowded at times and we would like to maintain a clear sight line between children entering and exiting the school grounds.

7) Please ensure that students are being dropped off at the Kiss and Ride designated area and are accessing the cross-walk.

8) Please be aware that when entering the school lot, via the church entrance on the south side, it is NOT advisable to drop children off before the Kiss and Ride designated area. This is a drive-through area. Please merge into the kiss and ride lane when it is safe to do so, and please stop at the stop sign, proceeding with caution to the kiss and ride zone for pick up and drop off.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. We know that everyone is in a hurry in the morning and at the end of the school day, but our number one concern is always the safety of all members of our community at St. Christopher School. Thank you for taking the time to be considerate of others by following these important safety reminders!

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Scholastic Book Clubs:

Periodically, throughout the school year, Scholastic Books may be offered by your child's classroom teacher or via Book Fair. While owning books is a valuable experience for children, please note that participation in this program is completely optional and that the books curated in these offerings are selected for a wide audience and not specifically for a Catholic audience given it is a secular company.

We encourage parents/guardians to review the selections that their child/ren make/s to ensure the material chosen reflects their family values.

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