The story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Beginning of his Adventure

Have you ever thought about how only one guy used his last name for what people called him? His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. In his lifetime, he fought for India's rights and the sepreation for the British Empire. The only thing was he didn't fight, he fought in non-violence ways. He was a brave man and this is his story that we know today as history.

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Gandhi's Childhood

Monhandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in the city of Porbandar, India on October 2, 1869. He was born into a Hinduism family so he was taught Hindu beliefs. He was taught not to fight, always use non-violence ways.Which made a big impact in what he did later on in life. He was taught not to eat meat, He was a vegetarian so he never ate not even one piece of meat in his life. He also fasted for spiritual education and had tolerance for people of different beliefs. He used those things many times as he grew older to become an adult. Especially when he moved back to India. He had a good childhood. His mother and father took very good care of him. Although Gandhi had other siblings, his two half sisters each of Gandhi's fathers first two wives had two daughter. His third wife had no children.

Teenage years

Gandhi's family arranged his marriage when he was only thirteen years old. He married fourteen year old Kasturba Makhanji. They had five children, but their first child died in 1885. Then they had four surviving sons. Gandhi finished middle school and high school soon after his wedding. He was forced into law by his family when he really wanted to be a doctor. When he took the test to get into the University of Bombay and enrolled at Samaldas College in Gujarat. Then in September 1888, he went to England to become a barrister. When he went to school in London, in all the schools he went to he actually focused on his studies and worked hard in his subjects. He developed a new interest in religion while he read worldwide on faiths. He then joined the London Vegetarian Society, in the group he looked upon other views of life. Gandhi went back to India in 1891 after earning his degree, He never made a leaving as a barrister.

The Courageous Leader

When Gandhi traveled back to India in 1891, he spent twenty-one years in peaceful protest to protect India's government and people. He learned that when he went to school in London. Every single one of Gandhi's protection protest rights lead to limited rights for India. He made those protection rights happen for India. Then Gandhi left and came back in 1915. He was praised and became the face of the Indian Independence movement. At that time India was controlled by the British colony and back then, India was still mostly farmers or landless. Gandhi wanted to make India a free country, but he wanted non-violence ways to fight. While India was still under British control, Gandhi used his religion and spreaded it through India. No matter what he did, Britain would not budge. Gandhi fasted for 21 days for the protest of India to single country. Then, in 1942, Gandhi started the Quit India Movement, in which India stopped the effort in World War Two. They stropped fighting for the British. The British were furious and they locked Gandhi up for two years. Finally, August 15, 1947 the British let go of India and it became its own Nation. Gandhi was praised for doing it without any fighting.

Ending of Gandhi's amazing life

Gandhi was a great leader for India. For everything he did, like the peaceful protest in India, fighting with non-violence for India's laws their own rights, leaving the British in the middle of World War Two, and having a kind heart for India as he spreaded Hinduism. Sadly,Gandhi was assassinated by a young Hindu extremist who was obsessed with Gandhi. He was killed January 30, 1948. It was a horrible death for him and everyone else. Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi made his change and he made his change for the world today.