Howard Happenings

September 17, 2018

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Chronic Attendance Update

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Year to Date-14.9%

Great job everyone! All our hard work is showing. Let's keep up the momentum.

Our goal for the year is 19% or 37 students. Currently, we are at 14.9 or 29 students at an attendance rate below 80%.

Our focus over the next few weeks is to continue the momentum by increasing the number of students with satisfactory attendance.

Shout out to KInder and 3rd grade for having the lowest chronic attendance rate (12.9%).

Shout out to 5th grade for having the highest satisfactory attendance rate (85.7%).

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Shout Out To:

Friedman for interactively using her classroom objectives.

The Sipps Team (Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Ofelia, Mrs. Shepherd, Mr. Zimmerman and Ms. Denise, Tiffany, Ms LIndsey, Ms. Amanat, Ms. Friedman) for strong differentiated phonic instruction.

Important Information-ALL

Time Reporting

  • All staff must sign in and out daily
  • Any absences should be entered into Smartfind, asap. Do not wait until the last minute to enter an absence it decreases the chance of having a sub.
  • All late arrivals and early departures must be communicated to the office.

Any supply orders should be added to this link.

All Staff should complete Mandated Reporter Training by September 24th. Please see this memo for more information. Once you complete the training please print the certificate and provide a copy to Mrs. Garcia.

Important Information-Teachers

F&P administration continues this week. Please see the support schedule below. The updated deadline for F&P scores entry into illuminate is 9/28

If you have not done so already, please send me an invite for an upcoming complex text lesson.

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Best Practice of the Week - Agendas and Objectives

Agendas should
  • be updated daily
  • include times and subject/activity
  • be student friendly and appropriate to the grade level
  • support classroom routines and student learning

Objectives should

  • align with the agenda topics
  • align with common core standards and the task
  • be student friendly and appropriate to the grade level
  • allow students to know what they are working on/learning

As I walk through classes I will be looking for agendas and objectives. Please reach out if you need any support implementing this best practice.

Resources below

Yard Duty

Primary Yard-Friedman

Upper Yard-Mathis

Focus-Wise Way

Monday 9/17
  • F&P Assessment Window
  • Cost Meeting 11 to 12
  • Staff Meeting 3 to 4

Tuesday 9/18

  • F&P Assessment Window

Wednesday 9/19

  • F&P Assessment Window
  • Howard Professional Learning 2 to 3:30
  • Howard Collaboration 3:30 to 4

Thursday 9/20

  • F&P Assessment Window
  • Williams Off Site-Principal Professional Learning
  • K2College Convening 4 to 6:30

Friday 9/21

  • F&P Assessment Window
  • Family Movie Night 5 to 7

9/19 Professional Learning


Teachers will plan for integrating text-based academic discussion and writing in close/shared reading.

Please bring:


Complex Text Aligned to the current unit

Reading and Writing Units of Study

Cycle 1 Overview, Goals, Practices, and Look Fors

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Look Fors

  • Classroom Agendas

  • The Wise Way

  • Positive Student Greetings

  • Daily Complex Text Engagement

Upcoming September Events

9/24--Faculty Council

9/25--SSC Meeting


9/27--Minimum Day

9/28--Professional Development Day

Upcoming October Events

10/1--Grocery Giveaway

10/8--Fire/Earthquake Drill

10/8--Staff Meeting

10/10--Hoot and Holler

10/11--Picture Day

10/11--Shoo the Flu

10/12--F&P Entry Deadline

10/15--Faculty Council

10/18--Family Game Night

10/19--No School


10/30--SSC Meeting