Second Grade Cubs

Week of 5-17-2021

What Is Your Child Learning This Week?

  • Math: Multiplication arrays/7s and 8s facts (last week of multiplication!)
  • Science/Social Studies: Change Makers/ABC Countdown
  • ELA: Synonyms/Antonyms review, reading strategies, Cursive
  • Grammar/Vocab Skills: Multisyllabic Words

  • Spelling: Prefixes -un -re -dis
  • Spelling Words: uncover, retell, untangle, repaint, refill, dislike, distrust, unzip, reread, unable, unlock, replay, **unbutton, **rewritten

Weekly Updates

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This week we will continue with our ABC count down to summer calendar. We will also take the MAP reading test on Wednesday during our ELA time. Please make sure your child is well rested on this day so they can do their best work! They will also need a charged ipad and working headphones! See below for additional announcements.

We look forward to having a great week with your children!

Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Bayerl and Mrs. Erickson


Monday: N is for Neon: Wear your BRIGHTEST clothes and/or accessories to school!

Tuesday: O is for Opposite Day (in-class theme)

Wednesday: P is for Picnic Day: Grade level picnic outside. Please send your child with a blanket/towel/cushion along with their regular lunch choice (school or packed from home)

ZOOMIES are invited to join us from 12-1. You must check-in with the office and bring your lunch. Please contact your child's teacher for more info.

Thursday: Q is for Queen and Kings! What would you dress up in as a royal? A princess dress? A suit and tie? A cape? Have your child dress up in their fancy clothes.

Friday: R is for Read-a-Thon! Send your child with their blanket, stuffed animal, pillow, or whatever comfortable reading items they choose! Flashlights are always fun!

In Person Learners:

Our doors open at 7:30 each day. If your child chooses, breakfast is served in the cafeteria before going to the classroom. Please send any supplies students may have taken home (ex. math book, iPad, charger, headphones, etc). Please remember if iPads go home, they need to come back charged. Reminder to also send a snack and water bottle daily.

*Water bottle help - Please be sure if your water bottle knocks over it does not spill. Open spouts have been causing spills and class instruction interruptions. Thank you for your help with this.

Don't forget to read 20 minutes each night and practice your multiplication facts.


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Have a wonderful week!

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