Second Grade Cubs

Week of 4-19-2021

Weekly Updates

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We are excited to welcome more students back into the classroom this week in 2nd grade. As more student return, please be mindful of a few things:

Our doors open at 7:30 each day. If your child chooses, breakfast is served in the cafeteria before going to the classroom. Please send any supplies students may have taken home (ex. math book, ipad, charger, headphones, etc). Please remember if iPads go home, they need to come back charged. Reminder to also send a snack and water bottle daily.

Please be sure you read Friday's Special Addition of Cub Hub with changes with dismissal.

On Tuesday, we will start multiplication. If you are a Virtual Student, be sure you have the multiplication packet from your teacher. On Thursday, we will start using the packets. Start practicing those multiplication facts. Flash cards and shout outs are a great way to practice. There are also many fun digital games. Keep practicing telling time with an analog clock.

The students will continue to keep a Moon Journal on Seesaw. They will be looking up at the moon and recording what it looks like for the month of April. We are now in the Waxing stage and getting closer to the full moon. Journal is on Seesaw.

This week is Earth Day! Each student will need an empty toilet paper roll or empty paper towel roll. Virtual Learners will also need Crisco or peanut butter, and some birdseed. Crisco and birdseed will be provided for in-person learners. This activity will take place on Thursday.

Don't forget to read 20 minutes each night.

We look forward to having a great week with your children!

Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Bayerl and Mrs. Erickson


4/19 - Fundraiser continuing this week

4/22 - empty toilet roll or paper towel roll

What Is Your Child Learning This Week?

  • Math: Time - Assessment for time/We will start Multiplication
  • Science/Social Studies: "Be the Change" and Earth Day
  • Reading/Writing: Wrapping up dialogue and starting Poetry /cursive (lower case letters)
  • Grammar/Vocab Skills: Possessive Nouns

  • Spelling: Inflections -ed and -ing
  • Spelling Words: running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed, **wrapped, **swelling


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Have a wonderful week!

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