MVHS Parent & Student Update

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


We are excited to welcome you back to the school year! If you're wondering who to contact for assistance, please feel free to contact your child's assistant principal. We're glad to assist.

Don't know your child's assistant principal? Meet them here!

Mr. Donald Kotnik (All Freshmen)

Miss Lauren Anderson (Grades 10-12: Last Names A-J)

Mr. Nathan Gurrini (Grades 10-12: Last Names K-Z)`

Parent-Student Back to School FORUMS

To answer your questions as we prepare to start the school year, we'll be hosting multiple Parent/Student Forums.

SEND in your questions either before or during these forums at this FORM. We'll be answering as many questions as possible in each session.

Join us for our first forum by going to this live streaming link at 6:30PM today (WEDNESDAY, August 19th): PARENT - STUDENT BACK TO SCHOOL FORUM LIVE STREAMING LINK

We'll also be hosting additional forums next week on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26th as follows:

SENIOR Parents/Students - LIVE STREAM LINK - 6:30 PM

FRESHMENT Parents/Students - LIVE STREAM LINK - 7:30PM


AUGUST 27 - GRADES 10-11-12 (8:00AM-4:00PM & 5:00PM-7:00PM)

AUGUST 31 - FRESHMEN (10:00AM-4:00PM & 5:00PM-7:00PM)

Students may come anytime during these days to pick up materials, books, and chromebooks. Also, they'll have SCHOOL PICTURES TAKEN. Freshmen will also get their CLASS OF 2024 SHIRTS and complete district required vision and hearing screenings with the school nurse.

Face coverings/masks and social distancing are required. To the greatest extent possible, distribution events will be OUTDOORS.


Only those students who picked up a chromebook from the district during the spring will need to return their chromebooks to exchange for an MVHS chromebook. These should MOSTLY be freshmen, but in rare cases, this also applies to upperclassmen.

Any student who is continuing in either the in-person remote learning or Thompson Connect Online learning will be allowed to keep their MVHS issued chromebook.

Students who are moving or enrolling in a school OUTSIDE of TSD must return their chromebooks and cord.

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL - Schedule and Expectations

We'll be happy to have all students return to learning during the week of August 31-September 4. Monday, August 31st is reserved for freshmen orientation. On Tuesday, September 1 through Friday, August 4, students will be attending all four classes in the morning; the schedule below is tentative for these days.


All freshmen will be expected to attend class remotely from 8:30AM-9:30AM on Monday. They will then have open times to return and/or pick up chromebooks, books, and class materials from 10:00AM-4:00PM & 5:00PM-7:00PM at Mountain View High School.

All freshmen will also be taking school pictures on August 31st during these pick up times. More information will be sent to parent and student emails from freshman assistant principal Mr. Kotnik and freshman counselor Mr. Smith.

ALL GRADES - Tuesday, September 1 through Friday, September 4

*No late start Wednesday this week

All students will start regular classes on September 1 with a modified morning-only schedule, tentatively set as follows:

Period 1: 8:30AM-9:15AM

Period 2: 9:20AM-10:05AM

Period 3: 10:10AM-10:55AM

Period 4: 11:00AAM-11:45AM

More information will be sent to all parents and students via email.

STUDENTS: PLEASE check your email regularly for updates.


Students are expected to be in classes for 4-5 hours of synchronous (live, remote) learning each day during first quarter remote learning. Teachers will adhere to these times for class time, using a maximum of 60 minutes of each period synchronously. Students will be expected to work asynchronously (not live, pre-recorded) for the remaining minutes of each class period.

Connection SEL time is a required time for teachers and students to connect and ensure that each student's social emotional learning needs are met; this is not optional time, and attendance will be taken in each class period.


MVHS Bell Schedule - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Period 1- 8:30-10:07AM (97 minutes)

Period 2 - 10:12-11:49AM (97 minutes)

Lunch - 11:55-12:25PM (30 minutes)

Period 3 - 12:31-2:08PM (97 minutes)

Period 4 - 2:13-3:50PM (97 minutes)

MVHS Wednesday Bell Schedule - Late Start: 8:30-9:30AM

Period 1- 9:30-10:45AM (75 minutes)

Connection SEL - 10:45 - 11:15 (30 minutes)

Period 2 - 11:20-12:35AM (75 minutes)

Lunch - 12:40-1:10PM (30 minutes)

Period 3 - 1:15-2:30PM (75 minutes)

Period 4 - 2:35-3:50PM (75 minutes)

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: Remote Learning versus Online School?

Previously, parents were asked to determine placement for their students in either the IN-PERSON/REMOTE learning environment or in the ONLINE learning environment. Much confusion resulted when TSD, in consultation with Larimer County Health officials, declared first quarter to be completely virtual in nature. Let us try to clarify. . .

We currently have two options:


- Courses taught as "in-person remote" learning are the same courses that students registered for last spring.

- All courses are taught by highly-qualified MV teachers who design and deliver instruction each day.

- The course materials and curriculum are adjusted and individualized for students by these teachers who get to know students personally through daily interaction in the Google Meet and Google Classroom settings.

- Class sizes are limited to a maximum of approximately 25-30 in each class.

- Teachers in EVERY CLASS will send home and communicate to students an agenda for the following week with detailed information about how students may access their teacher for individual tutoring or small group assistance.

- Class time is set; attendance is required. Students get face time with teachers and fellow students every day in a predictable manner.

- When we're able to return to in-person learning, students will maintain this schedule to reenter the regular school setting.


- Courses taught as "online" are referred to as Thompson Connect Online.

- These are courses set up for all student users through the district's purchased curriculum from FuelEd; this has been used by TSD in the past for TOL classes and is being expanded for this new purpose.

- Class sizes are larger, with approximately 40-45 students in any section and with a teacher whose focus may cross over content areas (English, math, science, social studies, world language, electives).

- The teacher acts primarily as the facilitator, ensuring that students are able to work in the computerized program and that they are completing the assigned lessons while also grading work produced.

- Student time is primarily asychronous (not live) but students will be required to have some synchronous (live, in-person) meetings and check-ins as well as connection times with the teacher and fellow students.

- Teachers will send parents weekly updates of the student's progress in each course, but since the curriculum and lessons are not designed by the teacher, this will not include specific details other than how much work was completed each week and the student's current grade percentage.

- When we return to regular schooling, students in this environment will continue to be at home until a logical semester break to return to in-person learning.

Principal Jane Harmon, Mountain View High School

3500 Mountain Lion Drive

Loveland, CO 80537