Subway Sandwiches


People are now learning that if you eat Subway sandwiches, your eyesight will dramatically increase! By knowing about the increase in eyesight, people will be more driven to buy and eat Subway sandwiches in order to receive these results!


Instead of eating the pricey Subway sandwiches, people can eat subs from Quiznos and still have their eyesight increase, for half of the price of Subway! If Quiznos price is half of Subway, people will be more likely to purchase Quiznos sandwiches than Subway, making Quiznos a substitute for Subway.


Subway sandwiches go great with chips! The chips from Subway will add to the improvement of eyesight that you're already getting from eating Subway sandwiches! The Subway chips are complements of Subway sandwiches.

Income on Normal Goods

Since Subway sandwiches improve your eyesight just by eating them, they have to be fairly expensive. People with more money will spend more money on pricey things like the Subway sandwiches.

Income on Inferior Goods

Since Subway sandwiches are a little price, the people with a lower income will eat at other sandwich spots like Which Wich. If they have a lower income, they won't spend the extra money just on things that aren't necessarily needs.


If 5,000 more people with a high income just moved to town, Subway will need to build more restaurants. One Subway restaurant will not satisfy the needs of 5,000 people, and the people that lived in that town prior to the population increase.


In two weeks, the price of Subway sandwiches is scheduled to rise $6.oo. Knowing about the expected price raise, people will stock up on their Subway sandwiches now, so they won't have to spend the extra $6.00 in two weeks