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Eagle News January 23rd

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January Competition

Our students had the opportunity to be a part of an elementary UIL competition this year after taking several years off due to COVID. We were excited to have the opportunity back. Our students practiced hard over the past couple of months and several placed in their events this past Wednesday.

Congratulations to the following students who participated in UIL this year.

2nd Grade

Avery Smith, Chippy Thomas, Colton Edwards, Conor Kniaz, Drew Diem, Elise Newbrough* ,

Ellee Quick*, Finn Burch, Graham Hodges*, Joseph Villegas, Margaret Brochtrup*, Reed Powell, Rico Sposto*, Rilee Slaughter*, Tate Foster, Teagan Butler, Wayne Ray, Zachary Gonzalez

*participated in multiple events

3rd Grade

Amelia Cotterill, Aria McHenry, Brooklyn Roussel*, Caroline Gantt, Charlie Angell, Emmalyn Smithers, Garrison Hennig, Gavin Slaughter, Grant Flippin*, Heidi LaGrassa, Kieron Cali, Kooper Malmin*, Lynnlee Baxley, Makenlie Marshall, Maren Morris, Max Lever, Reid Kilpatrick, Rylee Streepy, Tristan Kubiak*,

*participated in multiple events

4th Grade

Alexa Reyes, Ashlynn Griesemer, Averie Williams*, Avery Lomeli, Ayce Guay, Benn Fletcher, Brady Wentz, Charleigh Duncan, Charlotte Burch, Colette Jones, Crosby Landreth*, Elijah Garland, Evie Jones, Gabriela Logan, Grayson Hoelscher, Hanna Call*, Kayson Hoelscher, Kennedy Powell, Luke Joiner, Mateo Chavez, May Allison, Nathan Diem, Rylee Chagnon, Samantha Hawkins*

*participated in multiple events

5th Grade

Alexia Raymond, Ava Streepy, Avery Breit*, Camden Yawn, Cash Nicholson, Cecilia HIll, Claire Naegele*, Coleman Clemons, Corbin Ferrell, Dino Vickers*, Emily Desjardin*, Everett Gillen-Hall*, Haddie Kirkpatrick, Hailey Page*, Harrison Threatt, Isabella Salinas, Jude Hercules,

Katie Klepac, Kinsley Barron, Malachi Gunn, Max Tonkinson*, Paitynn Palousek*, Ren Angell, Ryan Desjardin*

*participated in multiple events

Congratulations to these students who placed in their UIL event.

2nd Grade-

Creative Writing:

2nd - Margaret Brochtrup

Music Memory:

3rd - Avery Smith


1st - Wayne Ray

2nd - Chippy Thomas

6th - Rilee Slaughter


4th - Drew Diem

3rd Grade-

Chess Puzzling:

2nd - Grant Flippin

Music Memory:

4th - Grant Flippin

5th - Reid Kilpatrick

6th - Amelia Cotterill

Ready Writing:

1st - Tristan Kubiak

4th - Emmalyn Smithers

6th - Caroline Gantt


2nd - Grant Flippin

6th - Brooklyn Roussel


2nd - Maren Morris

5th - Rylee Streepy

6th - Makenlie Marshall

4th Grade-

Number Sense:

3rd - Kayson Hoelscher

4th - Crosby Landreth

5th - Grayson Hoelscher

Ready Writing:

1st - Averie Williams


2nd - Gabriela Logan

5th - Kennedy Powell

6th - Brady Wentz

5th Grade-

Art Smart:

3rd - Katie Klepac

4th - Paitynn Palousek

5th - Cecilia Hill

Chess Puzzling:

1st - Jude Hercules

5th - Camden Yawn


6th - Avery Breit

Maps, Graphs, and Charts:

1st - Dino Vickers

2nd - Corbin Ferrell

Number Sense:

4th - Max Tonkinson

Social Studies:

3rd - Dino Vickers


5th - Hailey Page

We are so thankful for our coaches who put in the extra hours as well to help our kiddos reach for the STARS!!!! This would not be possible without them.

UIL Coaches:

Abbey Larremore

Amanda Tanner

Anissa Dobbins

DiDi Ramsey

Erin Oldham

Glynis Clark

Hannah Doty

Lindsay Jones

Lindsey Fussell

Lori Brown

Nicole Hehli

Tiffany Learn

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Important Dates

Salado ISD 2022-2023 Calendar

End of January:

23rd School Board Mtg 6:00pm

24th Group Pics: Pre K – 2nd

25th Group Pics: 3rd, 4th, 5th and Leadership council

1st Grade to Mayborn Science Center/Killeen 9:45am-12:00pm (eating in classroom)

27th Kinder to Mayborn Science Center/Killeen & Park 8:15am-2:00pm


1st Faculty meeting

2nd 100th Day of School

5th Full moon

6th T1 Book Fair starts (ends 10th)

7th PTO Mtg in cafeteria 5:30pm

9th 2nd Grade to Expo for Rodeo 9:00am-11:30am

Progress Reports

10th Fire & Lockdown Drills

11th Daddy-Daughter Dance

14th Valentine’s Day parties

3rd Grade to Grand Ave Theater/Belton 11:30am-2:15pm

17th Student Holiday / Staff workday

20th Bad weather day- NO School (weather permitting)

21st RISE to Heart & Hands ministry 9:00am-2:00pm

22nd 5th Grade TELPAS (L&S)

23rd 4th Grade TELPAS (L&S)

24th RISE to Baylor University for Special Olympics 8:00am-2:30pm

27th School Board Mtg 6:00pm

28th 2nd & 3rd Grade TELPAS (L&S)

5th Grade ATOM field trip (time unknown)

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Morning Drop-Off

Our doors do not open until 7:15 am. This is when students will be let into the building. I'm sorry we do not have enough staff available to watch students before this time. Our doors/gates are closed at 7:45 am as this is when class BEGINS. If you do not see our doors/gates open or staff still at the door welcoming students then please drive around to our front office to drop off your student so they can receive a tardy pass before going to class. Please do not leave your student outside a closed door or gate as there might not be a staff member there to let them in the building. We are trying to maintain the safety of our students and staff and honor our school day that begins at 7:45 am.


If your child will be eating breakfast at school or finishing their breakfast after you leave them at school then please drop them off by the cafeteria entrance at our TAE-2 building. We have tables available for them to eat at even if they are not purchasing breakfast from our cafeteria. This decreased the number of spills and food dropped in our hallways where hundreds of students walk each morning. If your child will be purchasing breakfast from our cafeteria, please try your hardest to get them here by 7:35 so they have time to go through our line and eat before the 7:45 bell rings for classes to start. We know that breakfast is important for each child and we want to make sure your child has time to eat and is not rushed to get to class in the mornings.

Cafeteria Prices

We want to remind all parents that breakfast is $1.60 and lunch is $3.00. Please make sure your child's teacher knows if you want them to eat breakfast in the mornings. Sometimes our younger ones are still too shy to tell us if they are supposed to eat. We do sell snacks at lunch such as chips, Rice Krispy treats, and ice cream during the year. If you want your child to be allowed to purchase these extra items please add money to their lunch account. If you do NOT want your child to purchase snacks please email the cafeteria director below so a note can be added to your child's account. If you have any questions, please reach out to our cafeteria director, Brenda Hodges at brenda.hodges@saladoisd.org. We are thankful for this opportunity and hope you chose to participate in our meal program.

Picking up early-

We want you all to know that even at a young age we take pride in using every minute of our day to educate our kiddos. Our teachers start precisely at 7:45 and teach until 3:20 at which we start moving to our dismissal locations. We want you to know that checking your children out early (even 20 min) on a regular basis does affect their grades and education. We abide by our state-recommended minutes for each subject and also have time planned in our day for WIN (What I Need). This is when all of our students get specialized instruction in any area they may be needing support or may be given an opportunity to be challenged in areas where they excel. Our WIN classes begin at 8:45 in the morning and run through 3:20 each day. So please think about these opportunities your child might be missing out on before you check them out early on a regular basis. We value the school day and hope you all do as well.

Dismissal changes-

If you are changing the way your child gets home please call the office and email the teacher BOTH. This just makes sure the message is heard because during the first few days of school there are some teachers who don't even get to look at their email until they get home in the evenings. The office takes messages during the day until 2:50pm and delivers them at 3:00pm right before dismissal to make sure changes get to the student and teacher before going home.

Online Payment Options-

Attached you will find step-by-step instructions to set up your parent portal for e-Funds for Schools (EFS). This is where you will make all school online payments and purchases. Including, but not limited to, adding funds to a student lunch account, paying for band instrument rental fees, after-school care, or even paying rental fees for a facility.

v If you have children at multiple campuses you can make all purchases under one payment. For example, if you need to pay for after-school care at TAE, band activity fees at SMS and lost textbook fees at SHS, you can add them all to your cart (up to $750) and pay as one transaction.

The convenience transaction fees are listed below:

· $2.95 for every $100 increment in a transaction paid by parents/users to EFS when using a credit/debit card for payment

· $1.75 flat fee paid by parents/users to EFS when using a checking account for payment

Click the following link to set up your e-Funds for Schools account https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/56745/

(If you do not set up an account, you will not be able to see all payment options linked to your student and/or their campus)

After-School Care-

Attached you will find our after-school care form at the bottom of this newsletter. If you need child care and did not sign up during Meet the Teacher you can fill out the attached sheet and send it in your child's folder. We provide this for a small fee from 3:30-6:00pm each day.

Change of clothes -

Please make sure you are providing a change of clothes in your child's backpack. Even if bathroom accidents are not a concern there are many other situations that may result in your child needing to change their clothes. It is much more convenient for you and your child if the change of clothes is already here!