An Interview with Mrs.Everhart

Your "Stephanie Alvarez"

How to become a Librarian guidence from Mrs.Everhart

Mrs.Everhart graduated in UTA . After she graduated she went to SWBT And UNT to get her bachelors degree in english. And master of theology,Also a master information of science. these are the types of degrees you have to get in order to become a librarian. She was a english teacher for a 4 years then she became a librarian for the love of technology And books.


Grade levels are through 9th to 12th Grade. The kind of class she teach is being a librarian. The environment of the class is calm and relaxing. The teaching strategies she uses is being Organized and help other students as much as possible. She works around 40 to 50 hours a week. The biggest challenge for her is ordering new things for the Library. The biggest reward is seeing a student find the perfect book. Self motivation is a 10 plus a interesting fact is she keeps up with a budget.