Australian National Identity

By Taylor K

The Beach,The Bush and the Outback

The Beach is made up of sand and water but this is related to us by using it for work,holiday and even taking people on tours around the beach to see scenery.The Beach is a outline of Australia.Some people don't have that kinder fun for work

The bush is related to us by giving people some where to camp and maybe do a lot of bush bashing. Australians love to do that stuff. If you live near bush land kids can make tree houses and clime trees.

The Outback is related to us by seeing statues out of rock that is not man made including large amount of rock like Uluru for example. A lot of desert can be a scenery to look at. If you see a desert all you can really think of is Australia.

Anzac Legend

Anzac Legend is related to us because there was a war in Darwin so we respect it by having a one minute silence and we also make choses to help Australia and have the ability to keep us together

Bogan Culture

Bogan culture is related to us by how we act,wear and talk.Bogan culture is what makes us Australian even tho not all of us are bogan but we all have some of it in are blood. some places don't have this so it makes us unique

Lucky country

Our lucky country is important to us like we are important to are country.The shape of Australia just gives it away that we are Aussie and when you come from wear your from you might need to try and learn our language

Aussie traditions (inc Aussie slang)

Our Aussie traditions is when we do events and special occasions like Christmas and Easter and our traditions is Anzac day and Aussie slang like How yah goin,throw a shrimp on Barbi and g'day mate.We make big words small.

National symbols and dress

Symbols make us unique in our nation including dress like shorts and a t-shirt and a hat

Folklore (inc Aboriginals myths)

the of globalisation (the influence of other countries on our culture)

The influence of aboriginal culture on our national identity