2016 is Your Year!

C+I Southern Charms Newsletter

Today begins a year of YES!

Say YES! to building your business. Say YES! to new connections. Say YES! to an extra paycheck. And say YES! to a community of women just like you that want to see you succeed.

What do YOU want to get out of your business this year? Do you want to buy a new car? Pay for a vacation? Pay off your student loans? Let's make it happen TOGETHER!! Right here is where we start!!

2016 Survey

My hope for all of you and our team for this year is to have our best year yet. Please take a few seconds and fill out the survey below to help me help you make the most of 2016.
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Back to Basics

New year means time for refreshers. Starting Monday, I will be posting a Back to Basics tip a day on our Facebook page and Merch Perch page. Check in when you can and pick up a tip or two to take your business to the next level. First up Social Media Marketing!
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Start Today

A constant calendar is your opportunity to maintain a steady business - not just in the current month, but by planning ahead for next month + beyone. Our most successful merchandisers maintain a steady calendar by popping up at least twice a month with a hostess.

  1. Take control of your calendar! At the begging of each month, identify dates that you have available to fill with pop-ups + then work to find potential hosts for those dates.
  2. Ask your biggest supporters to host! If they are unavailable, as them for a referral!
  3. Incorporate the constant calendar into your host coachingsessions. Ask her to recommend 2-3 guests who would make great hosts.
  4. Surprise + delight your pop-up guests with an exclusive host booking gift. Package jewelry, nice chocolate, or gift cards into small boxes or c+i pouches. Those who book with you can choose a treat!
  5. Carry your planner or calendar with you at all times! When you encounter a potential host, utilize your calendar to get the pop up on the books right away!
  6. Regularly look through paper + online wishlists & customer carts to identify potential hosts. If a customer has 5+ items, they could make a great host!
  7. If your current calendar is looking a little light, fill in the days you're available with 1-hour pop ups, online pop ups, & vendor events to expand your network.
  8. Business partnerships are great opportunitites to fill in any remaining open dates you have. Develop a relationship with a local wine bar, bridal salon, or other venue + ask to pop-up at their next event!
  9. Finally - Be Flexible! If a potential host isn't available this month, book her for an upcoming month. Keep her excited + motivated by sharing our amazing host incentives!


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Let's Conquer 2016 together!

You have the ability to to do ANYTHING you set your mind to. 2016 is your year and I want to help you make it happen. Let's set up a time to chat about your 2016 goals and set a plan to make it happen. Schedule a time here.