a fish

what seahorse need to survie

They eat bony fish cod tuna in cool water the sea.
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seahorse life cycle


the female deposits her eggs in water in order to tranfres to male pouch the male

releaes his sperm diretcly into seawater to ferlize the eggs. the DAD GIVES nutrition and oxygen. then they are born. they grow up untel grone up. then the life cycle starts over again and again.

what are the features of seahorse

seahorse can camflage into the corel they have preplares on ther body
35 prer fast as long as a tea cup they can see in the dark they can smell
far away frome them.

what promblens can effect seahorse

people polute water by putting trash the coral. seahorses get stuck. the coral keeps them from geting out. snow is ice the water freac up that they turn into
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at yooho and marine life