Enfield Elementary School

Peek at the Week: 10/17-10/21

Principal's Corner:

Researchers Say Grit is the Key to Success

What do spelling champions and West Point Cadets have in common? It's a quality known as grit- the ability to stick with something, even when it's hard.

These days, researchers say that grit is important. People who persist when a task gets challenging are most likely to be successful. Here are some suggestions for you to help build "grit" at home:

  • Teach your child to focus on how good it will feel to finish a task- "You did your homework; so now you can relax and enjoy yourself."
  • Emphasize starting- Develop the habit of getting started, even if the task is non-preferred. "You work on homework and I'll fold the laundry. Let's see what we can finish in 15 minutes."
  • Stress effort versus ability- Tell your child that success requires dedication and effort. "I know that it's hard to remember all these math facts. If we practice, it will get easier for you in class."

Source: "Grit, Perseverance, and Passion for Long-term Goals," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Notes form the Nurse:

Flu Shots-

The Montgomery County Health Department has partnered with Detweiler Family Medicine & Associates to offer the influenza vaccine to school students, at no cost to families. The clinic date for Enfield has been set for November 2, 2016 The clinic will take place during school hours.

Also, just so that you aware, due to changes in recommendations from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for the upcoming flu season (2016-2017), the Live Intranasal Flu Vaccine (FluMist) will not be offered. All Flu Vaccines given will be the Flu Shot.

That being said, it is important for you to know that if a child becomes extremely upset about the injection, we will not be holding anyone down and forcing him/her to be vaccinated. We never want a child to associate school as a bad place, so I am sure you can understand our position. Also, please be aware of any side effects that may take place. Should your child experience any of those during the school day, you may be called. Here is a link for more information:


Lastly, we offer this program at our school to make the vaccine more accessible. We know that the more students and faculty who are immunized against influenza, the healthier our school community will be. A permission slip has already come home with your child. You can register online or through the paper copy.


A Look Ahead:

10/19- EEHSP Meeting (6:30 PM @ Enfield in the library)

10/20- ELL Family Fun Night! This event is taking place at Erdenheim from 6:30-7:30 PM.

10/31- Costume Parade (9:30 AM) and Halloween parties! Parents- please take note to the volunteer policy that was sent home with your child. Remember, all can watch the parade but to attend the parties, you must have your volunteer badge from the administration building.


Coffee & Conversation:

Please join us for our first Coffee and Conversation of the 2016-2017 school year!

The Child and Family Stress Management workshop will focus on specific strategies to build resiliency to stress in children based on age and developmental stage. Parents can expect a framework to explain how children at various ages process emotions and stress and how best to support children in managing their emotions. Skills for the entire family to practice to promote a calm home environment will also be shared.

Elizabeth Campbell is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice at the Resiliency Center in Flourtown. She provides an empowerment and strength-based approach to support individuals in growth and change. Her specialties include play therapy with children, family therapy, creative counseling for adolescents, and trauma-informed treatment for all ages. She also brings yoga and mindfulness into sessions as a means to build emotional regulation and stress management.

PLEASE RSVP to Melissa_Levin@sdst.org by October 24, 20016.

Remember to bring photo ID and to arrive 10 minutes early to check in.

The workshop will be recorded and available on the district website.

For more information on Coffee and Conversation, please visit sdst.org and click on Calling all Parents.

Melissa Levin, MSW

School Social Worker


A BIG Thank You to the EEHSP:

It was such a wonderful surprise to come in last week to a beautiful fall arrangement at our front door.

Thank you for your efforts and for keeping Enfield festive for our community!!!

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PTA News:

Kidstuff Fundraiser:

Books are $25 and EEHSP earns $12.50 for each book. Every 5 books a student sells, he/she earns a free one. Out of town editions are available for Philly, NJ, Delaware, NY and more. If families don't want the book, they simply have to return it to school by Oct. 19. We earned a few thousand dollars last year, helping to pay for great programs like Grade level events, a visiting author, and more.

For info contact Donna Bailey at couponbook@eehsp.org

Box Tops:

Make a difference for our school! Box Top collections last year earned Enfield and Erdenheim over $2900!! Please send in Box Tops – each one is worth 10 cents for our schools! Hang a bag on your refrigerator so it’s easy to see and easy to collect the Box Tops you clip. Find out more information here:http://eehsp.org/2016/09/24/be-a-box-tops-hero/

Giant A+ Rewards:

Welcome back to the start of a new school year and to a new year of A+ School Rewards!

Beginning October ­­7, 2016, The EEHSP – (ID#: 40190 & 40224) has the opportunity to participate in and earn CASH from A+ School Rewards, a great fundraising program run through your local GIANT! Designations can be made on-line at GiantFoodStores.com/aplus or by visiting the Customer Service Desk of our local store. For more information click HERE to learn more.

Scholastic Book Fair: SAVE THE DATE- Week of November 14th!!!


A sign-up for volunteers will be coming shortly. Please stay tuned. Remember, the more help that we get, the more successful this event can be.

Square 1 Art:

Many parents may not get too excited about fundraisers — but most DO get excited about what their child is learning. That’s what makes Square 1 Art’s fundraising program so exceptional. Their focus on the accomplishments of the student, creates conversations between parent and child, as well as memorable keepsakes family members can’t resist. When all is said and done, the child’s creativity is affirmed, the parents have a lasting memory, and the schools raises valuable funds. That’s a win-win partnership. Click here for more info: http://eehsp.org/2016/09/15/square-1-art-coming-soon/