Cave Lock Kit Home Duplex 20PC

Positively Geared Investment - Capitalise on your back yard

Like to make over 20% return on a building project?

Senario: You have a large back yard and a 3m clearance from your home to the boundary fence.

If you meet these simple criteria you could be able to construct our famous Duplex 20PC

The 20PC is a 6br duplex with a clever design that fits in most back yards.

It has a small foot print of about 14.1m x 10m plus carport or garages if required. It consists of 2 3br dwellings each around 76m2. The kit can be supplied for $87,000 plus $5600 for 2 carports. This can easily be accommodated or adapted by a large number of different suburban backyards.

You can build it yourself and save money or have it fully installed for under $140,000 including everything, carports, basic landscaping, fencing and permits. (estimate only)

Now assuming that you get around $90-$100 per bedroom, which is a fair estimate for most suburbs throughout Australian capital cities. That's a gross return of $540 to $600 per week for the 6 bedroom Duplex 20PC.

so 52 week x $600 = $31,200 p.a return for $140,000 (including getting a builder to put it up for you, much less if you do it yourself) that's 22% return.

If you borrow at 6.5%p.a then it is a very worthwhile investment that could pay itself off in less than 7 years. If you are hand and can build it yourself then the numbers are even better than the example given here.

That why we call it the Duplex 20PC, because its designed to give you at 20 Per Cent or more return.