May 2016

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  • Spotlight on Best Practices Transition Services
  • EASYIEP News
  • Assessment Update
  • Georgia Milestones Results
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Spotlight on Achievement Zone Best Practices Transition Services

Recently, we participated in the Achievement Zone Best Practices Transition meeting with middle and high school counselors and graduation coaches. We provided tools to assist with identifying rising 6th / 9th grade students and potential risk factors for at risk students.

During the meeting, we focused on areas that would facilitate their work around transition services for their incoming students such as the following:

IMS – Review Student Profile

  • Grades – Reviewed current courses

  • District Assessments – SLOs, Milestone Diagnostics, DPAs

  • Standardized Tests

  • Attendance

  • Programs (Indicators)

In the new upcoming Data Utilization newsletter, we will spotlight material from the second part of the meeting.

EasyIEP News:

We are wrapping up the 2015-2016 school year and SEC Department would like to ensure that all IEPs and Eligibilities are finalized in EASYIEP and all signature pages are uploaded. There will be EASYIEP training for all new and returning teachers beginning in the Fall 2016. Please stay tuned for official dates, times and locations of these trainings.

Assessment Update

DPAs – Testing Begins!!

  • The ELA and Math Diagnostic Placement Assessments are currently available for administration. The Kindergarten & 1st grade assessments are located on the Test Coordinators team site, and the grades 2-3 assessments are located in FultonConnect. Students may take the assessments through May 26, 2016.

Please note: The Assessment Department is providing all elementary and middle schools with NEW Diagnostic Placement Assessments for this spring’s administration. Because these are highly secure assessments, they will be provided for ONLINE administration only.


  • Viewing Data – The Assessment Department recommends using the Objective Mastery Student Report by Student report for viewing each student’s level of standards mastery. To view a percent score for a DPA administered through FultonConnect, run the Campus Student Score Listing by Student report.

For additional information about the DPAs, including directions to run the reports stated above, please visit the Diagnostic Placement Assessment website within the Employee portal.

Look for an e-mail soon regarding DPA testing for new students this summer.

Georgia Milestones Results

Since the GA Milestones are new tests, the 2015 results will take longer to load in FultonConnect. But teachers and administrators can review their results in the GaSLDS (Georgia Statewide Longitudinal Data System) now. Users can access the site through eSchool. In GaSLDS, EOG & EOC results are available for viewing.

Farewell . . . . . . . . .

This will be the final release of the FultonConnect newsletter. Beginning in June, news for FultonConnect will be incorporated into a bi-monthly updates from Data Utilization. Look for tips on where to find and how to use information for instructional planning starting next month!

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Help Desk

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