The Sun

By: Sydney Hubert

About The Sun

  • Did you know the sun is actually a star? The sun is like all other stars in how it is not solid because it is really a ball of gas. We just see the sun as a big fiery ball because it is much closer to the earth than any other stars.
  • The sun is the biggest out of all the planets it measures 2,715,395 miles around. The other 8 planets orbit around the sun. The sun is also the center of the solar system.
  • If the sun was the size of a regular doorway the earth would be a nickel. The sun is actually 1 million sizes bigger than the earth.
  • The sun is composed of great burning balls of gases which are 92.1% hydrogen and 7.8% helium.
  • The sun has been believed to be 4 million years old and it produces energy by nuclear fusion. Without the suns energy there would be no life on earth.
  • The sun spins in one full cycle in 25 earth days.

The Sun's Layers

  • The sun has 6 layers the core, radiative zone, connective zone, photosphere, cromosphere, and corona.
  • Core
- The core is the very centre of the sun which is 15 million degrees Celsius. The core provides all the energy for the sun.

  • Radiative Zone
- The radiative zone covers the core and transfers the energy to the connective zone.

  • Connective Zone
- The connective zone is the next layer and it covers the radiative zone. It takes 17,000 years for the energy to go all the way to the connective zone.

  • Photosphere
- The photosphere is the sun's surface. It transfers radiation which comes to theatric as sunlight.

  • Chromosphere and Corona
- Two light layers of gas on top of the earths surface. The corona extends beyond the dwarf planet pluto. The coronas features change from eclipse to eclipse.

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