Redwood National Park

By: Sydney Arbogast

About the park

Redwood National Park has some of the biggest tree ever discovered with the length of 370 ft. ( 113 meters tall ). Also, it's one of the most Titanic ( which means huge ) parks discovered. The length of the park is 37 miles ( 60 kilometers ) off the Scenic Coast of California. Many people think of rather to go or not, they think if there are resting ares and yes, there are. :) Also, in this picture the largest tree is a redwood!

Plants and Animals

At the beautiful Redwood National Park there are many animals you'll have a good chance to see. For example, The Sea Lion, giant Green Sea Anemone, Bald Eagle, Roosevelt Elk, and also the Banana Slug. Some might be lucky enough to see them all in one day!

There are many plants you'll have a good chance of seeing to. For example, the Sitka Spruce, Tanoak, Madrone, Maple Red Onder, Sovard and of coarse, The Redwood.

contact information

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Big image


This is an actual tree cut with a very big saw by these three people!!

The legend of the park

Why Redwood’s trees are so tall

Long ago when on this very day, the king of Redwood Forest was resting in his castle, he heard a rustling noise in his garden. Soon after he heard it, he ran outside and found a witch, the witch of Giant Tree Forest. The king had been waiting for her to answer him on rather he could have giant trees like hers.

She hadn’t been answering so he asked her again, “Mrs. Witch of Giant Tree Forest, may I have giant tree like yours?” “Yes, you can but only if you complete 3 tasks before midnight.” So, soon he set of to do the 3 tasks which were,

1. Get milk from the cow that jumped over the moon.

2. Get 2 golden eggs from the Golden Goose.

3. Get a flower from Red Riding Hood.

So, he stopped by the Moon Lit Palace and asked the cow for some milk the cow sadly gave him some rotten milk but the king didn’t know and he carried on. Next, the king stopped by the Golden Garden and found the nest of Golden eggs, he secretly stole 2 of them and ran away knowing the goose would not have given them to him and is probably will not be pleased with what he had done. Then, he stopped at Red riding Hood’s house and asked to come in. By this time it was about 6:00 so he asked if he could have a flower she said yes and offered him some stew he kindly denied and quickly left. He gathered all of the items and put them in a bag.

Finally he made it to his castle ran into the garden and found the witch gone! Angrily he ran inside threw the bag on the floor and went to bed. That night the rotten milk cursed him because he and the cow are enemies it turned him into a peasant.

The next morning he woke up to find the trees had grown 20 feet! But sadly he found out he was just a peasant his castle was gone and he only had a cottage and a closet of raggedy clothes. And what used to a king but now was only a peasant remembered that he had wanted milk from his enemy and he had to get his revenge. To this day, you can still see the giant trees from the spell and the oddly shaped trees from the rotten milk they grew wrongly due to the side effects.