Research Skills in the Library

Approaches to Learning in the PYP and MYP


Formulate Questions

  • identify something we want/need to know.
  • ask relevant questions which can be researched.
  • create good questions for in-depth answers.


  • look for relevant information through reading, viewing and listening.
  • locate keywords.


  • use keywords to find relevant information.
  • develop an action plan: an outline and/or timeline

Collect Data

  • use the OPAC and library resources effectively to gather data
  • gather information from a variety of sources such as maps, surveys, direct observation, resource books, films, digital resources, people and all sources of print
  • use primary and secondary resources

Record Data

  • describe and record data and observations by drawing, note-taking, making charts, etc.
  • use our own words, keywords or paraphrasing.
  • we cognize what is relevant information to our questions.
  • cite our work, giving credit where it is due.

Organizing Data

  • sort and categorize our information
  • arrange it into understandable forms.
  • use diagrams, tables, pictures, graphs, timelines and other graphic organizers.

Interpreting Data

  • draw conclusions from relationships and patterns from organized data.
  • draw meaning from the information.
  • compare and contrast our information.
  • decide what is important and relevant

Present Research Findings

  • communicate what has been learned.
  • choose a format to present information
  • choose appropriate media.
  • provide a summary of the information gathered.
  • ask: Did you answer your questions?