"Super" Spruce Scoop

Volume 1 Edition 27

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Macon Elementary School

The students at Macon Elementary School are devouring books. Thank you to the leadership of Mr. Bennett (Principal) and Ms. Bilbrey (Media Specialist), the scholars at Macon have a love for reading. As a part of Ms. Bilbrey's media program, she has scholars using Earning by Learning as an incentive to foster the joy of reading. Linked here is a nice video of the work Gerald's team is doing around supporting literacy.

Balch Springs Middle School Band

BOTH bands earn UIL’s coveted Sweepstakes Award (Superior ratings in Concert and Sight Reading). The program was one of just a handful across the Region to have such a high level of success with two contest bands!

This is a tremendous honor and represents the fantastic teaching of the staff, the hard work of the students, and the support of the campus administration. Our students were superb ambassadors for the tremendous work going on at Balch Springs Middle School.

Dallas ISD P.D. Opportunities

Our teachers are showing progress everyday in their efforts to serve our students. Let's continue to encourage them to add to their instructional toolbox. The link below will direct them to summer learning opportunities. Please open the link to see what might be a best fit for your respective teachers.

One of Our Own! - Spruce High School

Selena Marroquin who is currently #3 in our senior class was offered the Terry Scholarship at UTD. She has been working for several months on this and was selected from thousands of applicants to be one of the class of 30 entering UTD this fall. This scholarship will cover her tuition, room, board, books, and EVERYTHING else associated with college. It comes with built in networking and social aspects to keep her connected and on track even after she leaves college.

We are really proud of Selena and expect more of our scholars to follow suit! Also, thank you to Megan Malone, Selena's teacher for helping her with the application process as well as Principal Aguilar and the A-Team for their leadership in getting our kids college-ready.

Race to the Finish

We have heard it many times over recently - we are in our final lap of the race and our kids need us to finish strong. Our staff and teachers have come together to do the very best for our students. I would like to thank all team members in the "Super" Spruce feeder pattern for the hard work and dedication to our students. Good look to all on the STAAR exams next week!

Data Meeting - ISIP

This past Friday, our elementary school leaders engaged in a data meeting. The team used ISIP data to frame the conversation to discuss "problems of practice" and next steps. The thoughtful collaboration led to some very meaningful considerations for the group to consider. Please see below:

  • Create schedules for monthly ISIP assessments.

  • Purchase more technology (COWS).

  • Continue to have small groups. ISTATION as a station in class.

  • Have teacher log in as student and preview ISIP before monthly assessments.

  • Have teacher give student assignments in ISTATION based on lessons/SEs.

  • Closely monitor tier 3 students for growth. TIGHT MONITORING

  • Using ISIP as another data point/look for relationships with common assessment – Triangulate data

  • Have teachers develop data binders and use them during monthly data meetings

  • Utilize ALL in Learning – Longitudinal data for SEs

Happy Administrative Professionals Week

As an educator, we can all agree that it does take a village to raise a child. We also know that it takes an Administrative Professional to help run our offices. A very special note of appreciation goes out to all of our Administrative Professionals who do so much to ensure our offices are run professionally and keep us afloat. Thank you to all of you who make sure our organizations run smoothly! Thank you to Caroline Hawkins for supporting our office!

Spruce Feeder Pattern Principals' Meeting

Friday, April 24th, 11am-1:30pm

6300 Elam Road

Dallas, TX

Pep Rally Pic's

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It's All Fun and Games...

When stress levels get high, all of us should find a release. Most recently, Mr. Cordero spoke to our secondary principals and suggested the tip of having a colleague to discuss challenges, etc. During my visits this week, I was able to see a few examples which serve to be stress relievers. Below is a picture of a BINGO card Dr. Wilson uses to recognize teachers for actions she wants to see in the classroom. In the center is an invitation Ms. Rivera sent out to her staff for an evening of games at the school. Both ideas illustrate how purposeful actions can help reduce stress and cultivate a positive environment.

Testing Security

As we approach a week full of STAAR testing, please be reminded of test security. At the District Principals' Meeting, several tools were shared with us as a measure to manage the testing environment. The Administrator Hourly Checklist, Principal Testing Checklist and new policy allowing administrators to enter classrooms was shared. However, let's be cognizant of covering all walls, coding tests correctly and distribution / collection of tests is managed tightly.