Roman Literature and Law

Literature Facts

The official language of the Roman Empire is Latin. The US adopted many words from this language. So many of our words today have a Latin root word. They have created great works of literature like plays, poems, and stories. Ancient Rome had some good authors. One of the authors is Caesar. He made some works called Bellum Gallicum and Bellum Civile. Another author is Aulus Gellius with one piece of work called Noctes Atticae a.k.a Attica Nights. One last author is Horace with four pieces of work called Satires Books I and II, Epodes Books I and II, Odes Book I-IV, and Epistles. Romans wrote about about a lot of things. Some of the earliest works are historical stories telling of the early military history of Rome, poetry, comedies, histories and tragedies. Their literature drew heavily on other cultures.

Law Facts

The Roman legal system was governed by Kings but they formed their own government and governed themselves. Rome was really democratic because people of Rome would assemble and elect their next official or officials. The officials couldn't be expected to know everything.

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