Blizzard of 1913 Great Lakes

By: La'Davius Minor

The Beginning/General

The most dangerous winter storm that happen in North America. It was a mixture between a blizzard and a hurricane. The warm water from the lakes cause this natural disaster. During this disaster there is nothing you can do to prevent but you could prepare for it by getting food, water, flashlights/ candles, etc.

Blizzard of The Great Lakes

November 7-10 1913

  • Killed over 250 people
  • Sunk 12 navy vessels
  • It had 5 million dollars of damaged which in this time is 119,714,000 dollars in 2016

This dangerous storm was a mixture of a hurricane and blizzard that had over $119,000,000 in damage which also include 68,300 tons of lost cargo. People was trapped inside their houses without electricity and other useful resources. During the storm people was out looking for family and end up getting trapped in the storm.

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