Emotions in Colors

By Jordan Moye

Colors are a direct representation of moods and emotions.

Red-Energy, strength, stimulation, excitement, romance

Yellow-Happiness, friendly, creative, optimism, confidence

Blue-Calm, trust, coolness, serenity

Green-Calm, peaceful,harmony, balance

Purple-Sophisticated, luxury, vision

Orange-Excitement, passion, abundance, fun

Pink-Love, nurture, warmth

Black-Glamour, security, sophisticated

Flowers alone bring people happiness.


Frequently Used Arrangement

The use of red roses, create the feeling of romance. Frequently used as a gift for valentines day, the red roses are used to create feeling. Baby's breath is used as a filler flower to create depth and provide a shape to the arrangement. Roses are the mass flower, taking up space and creating a focal point. The greenery is used to cover the mechanics in the container and fill in the arrangement.