Treatment and Awareness!

Know someone with Schizoid Personality Disorder?

Prevalence and etiology

3.1%-4.9% of the general population are or show symptoms of Schizoid Personality disorder. More commonly found in males. Usually begins development in late adolescence or early adulthood. Genetics and environment are though to play a role in it's development. Bleak childhoods were warmth and emotion were absent could also be a cause.

Symptoms and treatment

Signs of a Schizoid Personality disorder: The person may be reclusive, organize their lives to avoid contact with others, they don't enjoy/desire close relationships even with family, they take little pleasure in things including sex, difficulty relating to others and showing emotion, they are indifferent to praise or criticism. Generally those with the disorder will not seek out treatment. Psychotherapy (counseling method) is used to treat or help the disorder. Treatment usually focuses on increasing general coping skills, improving social interactions, communications, and self esteem.

Famous or well known people though to have Schizoid Personality disorder

Albert Einstein-Theoretical physicist

Charles Darwin-English naturalist

Sigmund Frued-Neurologist