Hurricane Ike

November 19, 2012 Bethany Myers

About Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike was a terrible storm. All the news channels showed terrible stories about damage and everything that Ike had done and how big this storm was. There were also people missing and the worst of all is that there were people killed.

Hurricane Ike was so strong that it was a category 4. Ike had winds up to 145 mph. When hurricane Ike hit, roads were shut down so some of the companies had to close. That meant that many people had no jobs to go to and they lost income. The flooding was so bad that the water was up to some trucks doors.

There was 76 people that was killed in hurricane Ike. Then there was 34 people that was missing. Due to all the damage that Hurricane Ike had caused, the cost was 19.3 billion dollars. That's a lot of money needed to make repairs for just one hurricane. Hurricane Ike was a very bad hurricane.

How A Hurricane Forms

For a hurricane to form there has to be warm/hot weather. Also another thing a hurricane needs is wind. So water and wind is what creates a hurricane. The temperature needs to be at least 80 Fahrenheit. When a hurricane is in action it will turn counter clock wise. All a hurricane really needs the right conditions, and the right time of year. Hurricane season in the Atlantic is June 1 through November 30. And hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific is in May 15 though November 30.

The people who gives names to the hurricanes are the '' Worlds Meteorolisist Organization''. They also pick names by the location of them. The girls names go first then the guys. But the names go in alphabetical order. The categories are based on the wind speed. So if you read about a hurricane its going to say a category.

Category :1) Wind speed up to 74-95 mph.

2) Wind speed up to 96-110 mph.

3) Wind speed up to 111-130 mph.

4) Wind speed up to 131-155 mph.

Those are the categories for a hurricane.

Wrapping It Up

So when you see and article on a hurricane you will know some information. You will know the categories for a hurricane. And you can see how destructive they are and how destructive Hurricane Ike was. Hurricanes are still very destructive today and are going to be. But lets just hope that we don't have one near where we live.