Freedom of Speech:1st Amendment

By: Leslie, Lauren, Jared, and Dylan

The Positives and Negatives of Upgrading Freedom of Speech

We had many compliments and many complaints about the planned upgrades of the Freedom of Speech. Some said that we would make it more efficient and some said that we would make the Freedom of Speech worse than it was before. but further more here is the list of positives and negatives of the Freedom of Speech.


  1. We would spread Freedom of Speech to colleges so that way students can give their own opinions

  2. People could say more without authority figures trying to stop them.

  3. We would let people have their own opinion groups for picking political people.

  4. When the time comes to pick somebody such as the new president, we can have our own groups.

  5. At schools, we can have a day where we can teach kids how they can share their own opinions about things and teach them about Freedom of Speech.


1. People would probably take control of how much power they would have if the Freedom of Speech got upgraded somehow.

2. People wouldn’t stop complaining about how other people would abuse the power of Freedom of Speech by getting things that they want.

3. People would probably see catastrophe if we decided to go with opinion groups for political reason.

4. People would also see catastrophe if we decided to go with groups for picking the new president or something.

5. Parents would probably disapprove of the school system teaching the kids about Freedom of Speech because they would probably think that we would teach it the wrong way.

Thank you Freedom of Speech

The Freedom of Speech of the 1st Amendment has been a part of our lives for many years and the Freedom of Speech helps us by letting us speak our minds such as our thoughts, opinions, and statements. It helps us get the rights that we want and disserve from groups of higher class. To be honest with myself, I don’t think the Freedom of Speech should have to change its influence on society because it’s made a good impact on all people that have used the Freedom of Speech to get their rights heard and brought to justice. Without Freedom of Speech, we wouldn’t be well educated and we wouldn’t have any justices of our own. Our world would be nothing without the Freedom of Speech. Even though there are the haters out there that don't see Freedom of Speech as useful, I have full faith in the Freedom of Speech to get my mind spoken.