Dance Culture

Location & History

-Countries border to Egypt are Israel, Libya, and Sudan. Egypt was known as 'Black Land' for the rich, dark soil along the Nile River.

-Cultural advances: arts to science to technology and religion.

-Architecture increasingly developed during the Old Kingdom period, most famous monuments in Egypt, are the pyramids and the Great Sphinx at Giza

-pharaoh Tuthmosis I expanded the boundaries of Egypt. Followed by Queen Hatshepsut, expanded trade with other nations, especially the Land of Punt. Her 22-year reign was one of peace and prosperity for Egypt.

- greatest ruler of the New Kingdom was Ramesses II, responsible for the most elaborate building projects of any Egyptian ruler. He became known to later generations as `The Great Ancestor’ and Upon his death, many feared that the end of the world had come as they had known no other pharaoh and no other kind of Egypt.

Dance originated from Egypt


Dances take place during celebrations, such as marriages. This includes the dance called “Daheya” – the men singing and clapping in a line can be done at any time, but the dancing can only be done during cultural ritual. The Daheya is done by the extended family itself, not by local professionals.


Home-style female dance is the movement base for Raqs Baladi and Egyptian Orientale. When millions of dancers worldwide refer to Egyptian style Orientale dance, they are referring to Cairo. Even within Egypt, other regions are aware of the steps and posture of the Cairo Orientale dancer, and probably can replicate it if not too shy.

Important Dancers/Choreographers

There aren't any specific dancers or choreographers since the time was so far back. It was mostly the people in each regions of Egypt, which greatly influenced the dance itself, that created their own style of dance. (

Influence on America

Some thought immodest, drew most people in and we're involved in theater, restaurants, burlesque, film, carnivals, and more. America distincted their way of belly dancing.

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