Stop the criticism

BY: Jorge G. and Brenda H.

Would you rather be respected or disrespected?

People tend to use the first amendment to sometimes criticize others. It can be verbally, physically and cyberly. WIth media, people target others and it becomes easier for them to hide from these offensive comments.

Types of bullying

Would you want someone else doing this to you?

The first amendment being abused and how to stop it.

The first amendment allows freedom of speech but many seem to abuse this power. For example, using verbal offensive comments to people or cyber comments on the internet. There are multiple ways that you can stop abusing the freedom of speech. You have the control of what you say and do to others and yourself. Set yourself limits to prevent any trouble.

Pledge for the good

Pledge to those to have no strength to speak up for themselves, to those that are being targeted at for something they did not do. Pledge to stop the bullying and respect the amendment and others. Pledge so you won't have to become like the rest, stand out and stand up.

Sign the pledge TODAY!